Monday, 23 May 2016

Fashion: Oh Another Suede Jacket...

Hi everyone,

This post is going to have to be a short but sweet one so apologies upfront! These pictures were taken this weekend in the beautiful Richmond my new found dream area of London. If only the commute wasn't as long and one room wasn't £800+ a month. But honestly if you have never visited you need to, the high street is gorgeous filled with little cafes and shops, beautiful scenery and the park is so amazing full of wildlife with a fantastic view of London. 

Moving on and now that the sun is finally out and it feels at least somewhat like summer I have been on a shopping binge, and I must say New Look, Mango and Zara are the front runners so far. I've always been a lover of Zara, I mean who isn't but this year I have noticed their prices don't seem to be as high as they usually are. The trousers were £25 and feel incred and aren't transparent as many other brands *Topshop* trousers are with a £38 price tag attached.  I'm loving the length of these too, I enjoy the fact that they don't trail on the ground but still cover enough leg that I don't need to worry about preparing for leg season. Such sweet laziness. 

Adam wanted a piece of the blogger action. Such a natural. Such pose. Such elegance.

The top I kinda bought in a 'this will be great on holiday' attempt, in which I then wore as soon as it was through my letterbox. Its from New Look and I think it was around £17 which is insane as its gorgeous. It even got an approval from Adam, which believe me rarely happens with my outfits. Its an off the shoulder gypsy style top with flute sleeves, so cute. I just know its a piece I can dress up for evenings or wear with denim for day trips. 

Sunglasses: UO £16
Jacket: Mango £40
Top: New Look £17
Trousers: Zara £25
Chocker: ASOS £5
Boots: Missguided £35

Which now brings me to the main master piece at hand, the jacket. Heeeeeeeellllooooo beautiful is what I said as soon as I clocked it in Mango. I was trying to save that day but my Friend (Hey Mel) persueded (see what I did) to buy it. Honestly it didn't take much, as soon as I tried it on it fitted like a dream. Its real suede and has this gorgeous burnt tan to it with two handy pockets and patchwork detailing on the shoulders and back all for a smashing £40. It was originally £80 but if you go upstairs to the outlet section you can really find some decent gems. 

Also sad tale, these sunglasses that I have basically worn in every post got lost on the bus the other day... I can only hope they are traveling around the world living their little lives. It has made me want to save for some Ray Bans though. 

Right, hope you lot have an amazing week and I will see you in my next post, BYE.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Fashion: Style Icon - The Pink Panther

Hi everyone

Been a while hasn't it? I'm not going to bore you with my excuses, its just life getting in the way ain't it? I wanted to make this post a good comeback post and this pink suit is perfect for the job. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have been looking for a pink suit co-ord for around a year now, seriously ask about anyone I know. They have unfortunately suffered the constant interrogation whether they have seen one floating around. For a while I really wanted the French Connection suit but lets be real thats an inspirational piece not a trainee wage piece. 

But then the legends that are ASOS made my dreams come true with this piece. They don't exactly match but they were the only ones that felt amazing, fitted amazing and was actually a reasonable price. So this blazer I already have in black and love it so much, so it felt right to pick the one in pink from River Island as well. The trousers are actually from Oasis which is a brand I don't normally browse in but I will now! These trousers are the perfect fit for my short bod and the quality is so high for high street. I kinda like that they don't match perfectly as well as it stops it from being too 'try hard'. 

Sunglasses: UO £16
Blazer: River Island £55
Trousers: Oasis £40
Vest: Karen Millen £50
Shoes: ASOS £25
choker: ASOS £5

Now this choker has been on my wishlist for ages but I get really fussy with things around my neck, if its uncomfortable its a no go. However this velvet number is super cute and I barely notice it on. Between you and me it hasn't come off all week, smelling fresh. 

Speaking of new things, dem shoes doe. We all know I love a man flat, borderline ugly shoe. Heels, I have tried to love being short and all but nothing feels as good as being able to get to places, without bleeding feet. Or walking like a dinosaur, which is me when I walk in heels. These are going to be a stable for my work especially when pairing with suits, might as well dress top to toe man. 

Awkward fact for you all: nothing is as scary as posing in front of a stranger's car. They could come at at any time. The fear...

I have another post for you all prepared so no long break this time!
Have an amazing week, see you all soon