Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Suns Out So LWD Time!

Happy Tuesday all!

A happy day it is too, I've just turned 21 and its sunny out HURRAH! So now that the sun has bothered its lazy ass to make an appearance it only means one thing a little white dress. Tan addicts worse nightmare, but it looks incredible in the sun.
Another busy week again, IT WAS MY BURFDAAAAY, so I headed to the hills to a country village called Galashiels, lovely BUT CRAZY place. The people there seriously know how to party, plus never wear heels in a village situation which hides in a valley, the falls were incredible. I am actually surprised in these photos that you cannot see my black eye, I hit myself in the face with a taxi door, typical Chloe fail moment. The next day we went shopping and out for lunch in Edinburgh, I have so much nice things to show you guys!
Sorry about this post being so quick and rambly today but I can literally feel my revsion books burning the back of my head.

Dress: Zara £29.99
Crop Top: Topshop £14.00
Belt: Urban Outfitters £12.99
Shoes: River Island £55
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16.00
Bag: Present
Necklace: Wallis £15

The next post will be about the photos I styled for the magazine, wait till you see these bad boys.
Speak soon

p.s Little photo of me and my sister struggling to live in the countryside!