Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oh Hey, Indiana

Hello everyone

Hows everything with you all? I don't know about you lot but I have literally just started to slow down now, I'm so done man. I arrived home from London on the Sunday night then worked until today. I have so missed just having a chill day. Haven't even changed from my pjs #highfashion. 

I am going through such a panic buy shopping pattern at the moment, I know I am going away in October and I'm terrified there will be no summer clothes left by then if I leave it too late. So I am literally scooping up every summer item there is out there, Hawaiian striped armbands...check, flamenco pom pom sliders hell yeah those are a check. Things are spiraling out of control. I can't decide if I want to channel a vintage beach feel or a Moroccan gypsy?? LIFE.    

Does anyone else go through these holiday shopping nightmares? 

I have a major thing for hats at the moment, you should see the stripey number I have just bought...This Indiana Jones ensemble is no different. I love it! I think it looks really good with blonde hair and tends to go with everything especially my uniform black and white. Plus my hair never sits so this is good to hide it! 

Hat: H&M £19.99
Jacket: Primark £17
Shirt: Topshop £35
Skirt: H&M £17.99
Shoes: Primark £8
Rings: H&M £8.99
Necklace: H&M £12.99

Okay so I admit the ugly shoe thing does not look great with the tights but it was 13 degrees so tights had to happen or I would not have survived. No joke. Honestly I am obsessed with H&M at the moment, I spoke to one of the girls who works there recently and they have really put so much effort into buying new jewelry pieces and it shoes. I wanted to buy everything it all looks so gorgeous. 

I can't even begin to describe my 'matrix' coat. LOVE IT. Wanted it in white too but it verged on looking too medical. 

See you next time!

My photographer demands here he is looking his best. Check him out on Youtube at Adamhaleswalker and on Facebook at Around the world in 80 beers. Blah, blah blah.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

More Kimonos Please

Hello everyone!

How is everyone's week going? This post will just have to be super quick today away to head out for some much needed food! Sunday roast should definitely not be kept for Sundays only. 

This outfit of the day is one of my favorites, I never thought that florals and snakeprint would work but it does! The kimono I picked up when I was in London the other month and its one of my absolute favorite pieces so far. It just seems to go with everything and is one of those items where you can just chuck it over anything and head out and it still looks good. Last summer I was obsessed with Kimonos and this summer seems to be just the same. 

The dress, is actually a 2 piece co-ord and both fit so well and are great for matching with other prints as the print is so ditsy, it looks good with larger clashier prints too. The hat is just an obsession that is never going away.  In fact I bought another hat the other day head over to my Instagram account if you want to check it out. It is slightly Indiana Jones but hey who said that was a bad thing??

Kimono: H&M £14.99
Top: New Look £18.99
Skirt: New Look £18.99
Hat: Boohoo £12
Glasses: Primark £2
Bag: Primark £8
Shoes: Next £35
Necklace (blue): Topshop £12
Necklace (Sliver): Topshop £22

I actually wore this outfit to go walk the little puppy so I will pop some photos of the cutie below as she is the cutest! The day was super hot so I got off with not wearing any tights which is rare in Aberdeen. 

Sorry its so short guys!

See you soon


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Aztec and Florals? Why not.

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing ridiculously good. How amazing has the weather been, genuinely had about 4 whole days of pure sun. I even have the sun burn to prove it. Must remember just because I've faked tanned doesn't mean I'm actually tanned and I still burn like a crisp. 

This outfit was taken about a week ago in one of the only days it wasn't sunny but not to worry as the next post is a sunny one. So basically I have been obsessed with skorts ever since Zara took them out last summer and I now have a black and a white pair which is perfect for everything. Then I seen these little beauties. Now I am a lover for print so when I seen a monochrome pair in Aztec for around £20 I was all over it. They go with absolutely everything so are a wardrobe must and are perfect for going on holiday, heading out at night and I think these will even look good in A/W as they aren't overly Aztec. 

Monochrome has always been my favorite way of styling but I wanted to add a touch of colour and nothing says summer more than a classic Hawaiian shirt. Now this shirt is a little bit love/hate as it does kind of remind me of my dads classic Hawaiian ensembles he wears abroad but this has the most gorgeous colours and is made from 100% silk. So I can't help but attach it to my body forever. This one was from Warehouse and they have some seriously pretty pieces in this season, personally I think stores such as Oasis and Warehouse are seriously underrated from my age group as they feel its too pricey but it literally matches up to Topshop and you won't get the dreaded "someone else is wearing it situation". Which is. the. worst. ever. 

Hat: H&M kids £12.99
Jacket Mac: H&M £34.99
Jacket Underneath: Primark £18
Shirt: Warehouse £40
Skort: NewLook £19.99
Boots: Next £38
Clutch: Karen Millen £40

The hat I have featured on here before and is....a kids hat. I know. However when you have a pea for a head like me, hats are a nightmare to find and I love them. Also this clutch from Karen Millen is to die for. Literally this little number is the best. I love that its wipe clean to as I spill almost everything and this is the easiest to clean unlike my Zara one...

I am going away to Florida in October and I am soooooo excited to the point where its the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. So the main thing is obviously what I am going to pack so If anyone knows of any nice pieces or great websites let me know, thanks! 

Right I'm off to give the little puppy a walk and I'll take some outfit pics for you guys too, i'll even feature the little pup as she is adorable. Until next time!

See yous!


Sunday, 20 July 2014

White Out

Hello everyone!

How's your week going? Now if you are England living you will be having the best time EVER with this, say what, 30 degree heat! What even is that?? As I type this out now I can literally see the fog rolling past my window through the rain...

So I thought I would blog to make myself feel better. Remember the blogger I mentioned in my last post well this is the inspiration I took from her. Girlinmeanswear is honestly so talented, I want her entire wardrobe. Now these photos were taken when I was still down in London, I think it was on my last full day and it was the perfect weather for it. Sorry if you see any pictures being photobombed by a chubby ginger cat, Oscar just loves a good pose. He's got the face for it. 

I have always loved shirts and see them as being a wardrobe staple for everyone, you don't even want to know how much I own, which is surprising as an iron isn't even in my world. So when I found out that there was a new way to wear your shirt I jumped at it. Not going to lie it is a little strange having only the top 3 buttons done up. Luckily I was wearing high waisted shorts or a LOT of flesh would be out. I hope I did it justice as other girls seem to look amazing that style it. 

I love wearing boy style clothing as it is so wearable and ridiculously comfy, as much as I love a skirt sometimes you just want to be freeeeeeeee. When combined with white which is lovelaaaay in summer I really think you can't get it overly wrong. I am still searching for the perfect white shirt dress so if you see one let me know please, I've been searching for weeks! I have no life. 

Blazer: Mango £35.99
Shirt: River Island £19.99
Skort: Missguided £22
Clutch: Karen Millen £40
Sunglasses: Ray Bans £165
Shoes: Topshop £18

Quick mention, how amazing are these shades!!? Not going to lie...they aren't mine. I kinda stole them off a friend as they are the best. Even if they do make me look a bit Miami Vice. 

Also want to point out ma new clutch which was so kindly given to me after I finished my placement, its just so gorgeous and I feel very lucky! Ah! I am working so much lately and loving it but I will try and get more photos up for you soon. I really want sunny ones but at the moment they may have to be foggy and rainy sorry! SOS. 

Okies guys see you soon!


Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Midi Move In

Hello everyone!

How are you guys? So since I last wrote to you all a few things have changed, sadly I am no longer a good old Londoner but have returned to the beautiful homeland of Aberdream. By returned I mean forced and Aberdream I mean Aberdoom. However the plus side is that I have now got a new part time job this time not in retail, how those discounts will be missed, but in cosmetics so hopefully photos from now on might look slightly better as I will finally know what I am doing with ma face.

So now I am working around 4 days a week it means I have more free time to fill up this blog with lovely posts for you guys yay. I have also got some new looks I would like to try out so look out for that! Right so this post was taken around a week back when I was trailing around west London and happened across my now favorite secret little park. Its seriously beautiful especially when the sun is out and the scenery is just gorgeous basically begging for some ootd photos. 

I am still absoultely in love with the summer midi length I think it is so flattering for every shape and for every style. You can grunge it up, make it boho or go really girlie. The look I've tried for here is pretty girlie but I try and add a harder edge to it with a boho leather fringe jacket and some cat eye sunglasses. Is anyone else's sunglasses collection getting out of control? I swear I buy a new pair every time I go out....

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
Top (playsuit): H&M £19.99
Skirt: Primark £10
Shoes: New Look £19.99
Jacket: River Island £55

Whats ultra bad about this is actually the 'top' with this outfit is a playsuit which I really like but I feel its more abroad appropriate or a really hot day appropriate as it is short and I mean short. Believe me I know all about short. So moving on to these shoesies, how cuuuuuuuuuuute! I have been looking for a day time heel for ages that I knew would go with everything and boom, there these bad boys were. Literally the perfect height and are super comfortable to walk in. 

I also wanted to give a quick mention to see if anyone follows girlinmeanswear? She is ahmazzzzzzzing so if you don't you definitely should be. My next post is inspired by her as I loved it so much.

Hope you like the look guys, see you soon!


Monday, 7 July 2014

Festival Inspiration

Hello everyone!

Sorry again for almost a whole months absence but right now I am in the beautiful city of London. My future play town. I have literally just finished a fashion PR internship down here so blogging has been slightly halted. Boo. However I have been taking outfit snaps here and there when there has been a good back ground much to my photographers dismay. My bad. But if you want to see them now you can always head over to Instagram which is chloejade_28 if you waaaanna. 

The weather down here has been absolutely stunning and its almost been like a little summer holiday, great for weekends, not so much during the week when you are heading to an office. It was so sunny yesterday it justified a water fight I felt more like a kid than usual. With all this fine weather it geniunely has made me regret not buying into the whole festival phase that summer is ALLLLL about I really regret not going to one. Next year is a must. So I decided to do a festival inspired OOTD instead, less muddy!

As you can see this Van Helsing hat is still a firm favourite and is perfect if the weather takes a funny turn and decides to have a little shower! I really love the boho vibe that the festival season brings out it makes everyones style that little bit more effortless and relaxed which I enjoy. I am obsessed with florals so anything from ditzy to big and clashing I am all over. But I always feel a bit too girly if I wear flowers only so with this I have tried to give it more of a gyspy vibe and chuck on a easy paisley kimono and a lace underskirt to give it a romantic yet lived in feel. 

Hat: Boohoo £12
Kimono: Primark £8
Slip dress: Red Herring £32
Lace dress (worn underneath): Miss Selfridge £45
Sandals: Primark £6
Necklace: Topshop £13
Belt: Primark £5
Bag: Primark £8

This is such a comfortable outfit especially the ugly shoes however I feel these would be pretty useless in a muddy field. But if you were hungover and in need of something to throw on that wasn't a hoody then this outfit fits. 

You may have noticed I am loving Primark lately. Just can't help it. Its everyones guilty pleasure. Hope you guys all have a great week! 

See ya!