Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fashion: Weather Appropriate Suede

Hello everyone

Another week has passed being damn near freezing. In fact it is freezing, I'm currently watching some flakes fall from my window. Its not laying but its still snow. I'm so over winter dressing and I'm currently dying to bring back thin layering, and simple easy throw on dressing. The dream for lazy girls all round. 

Whats more is that winter always confuses my simple mind. It looks pretty mild out so I automatically think polo and jacket is all that is needed. Sorted. Nope. I have never been so cold in my life in this outfit. Doesn't help my ankles are so heavily on show (Saucy). Side note fish net socks are not socks. I have never missed my stripy woollen ones more. I remember really wanting/needing this Zara jacket for months before caving in and buying it. This was before everyone and their mum/gran started wearing it. My pet hate. I know I shouldn't but seeing more than 3 people on the same street as you in your jacket makes me want to strip it off right there and then. I want to at least pretend I am original, as I buy from one of the most common retailers internationally. 

I actually think I will get more use out of this piece later on in the year maybe around spring with a white slip dress! As right now I can't stop and won't stop looking like the super alluring Mr Michelin Man. How you doin.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitter £16 (Old)
Polo Neck: Zara £19.99
Jacket: Zara £59.99
Jeans: Topshop £42 now £20
Socks: Marks & Spencer £8
Shoes: ASOS £35
Bag: Whistles £120

I have also been super 'fashun' and not been able to stop wearing these shoes and fish net combo, I love it. However I have had the odd you a punk rocker comment. Which I don't mind. I only wish I could be cool enough to have been one of those. Glitter hair mascara was as punk as I got. Just make sure the temperature is above freezing when wearing them. Believe me your toes will thank me. I also snapped up these awkward length frayed jeans from the Topshop sale for £20. Which I am pretty please about. 1. Topshop jeans are not usually the one for me and 2. they were £42. I am still a little unsure of them and if they fit my 5ft 1 frame. But they do the job. 

Also apologies for not taking these sunglasses off. I have actually bought a new pair because no one wants to see these anymore. However I will always love them. Love you always and forever babes...

Hope you are enjoying the new blog design guys! I thought I wanted to get back into blogging but only if my platform changed. Let me know if you want anything rejigged as that would be super helpful! 

Hope you all have the best week ahead and all the love. xx

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beauty: My Bobbi Brown Core Essentials

Hi everyone, 

So life has been pretty manic recently, but for all the good reasons. Last week I got to spend some time at the very exclusive and beautifully picturesque Soho Farmhouse. If you ever get the chance to visit please make sure you jump at the chance. With its isolation and stripped back nature I thought to myself which core products could I not live without if I wanted to get rid of all the excess and live a stylish life of minimalism. 

Now this was obviously a tough decision for a beauty horder like myself but I pulled through in the most heroic of fashions and whittled (do people still use this word?!) it down to these basic essentials. Essentials meaning makeup pieces that I would cry without, and I mean cry. Drama Queen, who dis? 

First off everyone needs a clear plastic makeup bag for two easy reasons 1. Things can get pretty messy in there and with one makeup wipe your looking goooood, 2. If you are impatient like myself you can easily find anything you want straight away. You know in case you desperately need that eyeliner asap. 

1. Face Base: 

Now there is no point in spending all this time perfecting the 'look' if it isn't going to last longer than 3 hours so you need a primer and a good one at that. Durability and longevity are key. It helps that this particular one smells like citrus cheesecake, delish. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Face Base is guaranteed to prepare your skin so that anything you place on top of it will go on with ease and look perfect. 

2. Mascara: 

Your typical desert island must have. Mascara can change everything depending on the look you are going for. Fortunately this one is exactly what I need. It produces the thickest and blackest lashes and fast without it looking clumpy. Only however if you put it on correctly, please, please, please do not wiggle this wand. This has honestly altered my need for false lashes. Now theres a big statement.  

3. Eyeliner:

Gel, gel and more gel. I have tried almost all formulas of eyeliner, Benefits They're real has to be one of the worst (sorrynotsorry). My saviour up until now was the Tom Ford liquid liner which is still very good but not versatile enough. This Bobbi Brown Gel liner however is a genius multi product. This will let you not only create different types of eyeliner looks but it will also give you a killer smokey eye AND eye shadow base. Thank you makeup Gods. Hint: Please make sure you use a good brush, something with a fine firm tip. 

4. Shimmer Brick: 

Most likely Bobbi Browns most iconic product and with good reason. This little beauty will double up as a highlighter and a palette of eyeshadows. All pigmented and all beautiful. This highlighter is not for the beauty crew who love that blinding shine, its more for the lit from within glow. I use mine basically all over my face except my T Zone. Really I do. Its especially pretty on legs and arms! My two favourites are Rose Quartz and Beige. 

5. Illuminating Balm: 

Okay now I can finally get to my beautiful beloved. The illuminating balm. I never ever set my face because I am crazy and the shinier the better. Most people I know use this moisturising balm before the makeup but I watched Amy Conway our Pro Artist pump a little bit of this into her fingers and pat it over her cheeks and the GLOW was incred. I like to use this mid day when my face is beginning to look cracked and dry. Then my hero comes along, illuminating balm please don't leave me. 

Hope this helps anyone who wants to try a few pieces from Bobbi!

See you next time.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Beauty: Bobbi Brown Remedies

Hello everyone!

Another week of January is down and yet the weather persists on getting colder and sharper. If like myself your skin just can't cope and is acting like a right diva then I may hold the key to happiness (bit of a bold claim, but you know). My trouble is that I never have one specific skin concern. I envy people that can just state 'combination' when you are asked the dreaded ' what skin type do you have?'. Firstly I hate that question, because quite frankly you need a good hour to hear the answer. My skin concerns change weekly. No joke, weekly. It completely depends on the week I've had. It pretty much reflects my mental state, eating habits, hormone cycle and daily schedule. The skin never lies.

Taken from Bobbi

Hence why skincare and having the correct skin routine is crucial. I also advise changing your skin routine every 4 months just to ensure your skin gets a good shake up. Ever since I was younger I would stare at makeup looks and it was never the eyes or the lips I was looking at, it was all about the skin. I have always been completely obsessed with dewy, clear, bouncy looking skin and envy girls who can wear no foundation at all. Hence why this year I am taking my skincare oh so seriously so that I can really strip back on the face base. Freckles and all. I am so obsessed that I am even known for slapping on this balm oil stick directly to my face at my desk. The girls think I'm crazy but I love that glossy cheek look. 

With all that being said what you need is to take your skincare and prescribe the concern with a treatment personalised to you. Which is why I want to talk to you about the new kids on the block. Bobbi Brown's brand new Remedies, I am lucky enough to work on the brand and get to see all the behind the scenes action that go into products and I can tell you, this launch is one of a kind. Each bottle addresses different types of skin whether you are oily, tried, lacklustre or dry it caters to all. You only need around 3 drops to cover your entire face and neck either morning and night for it to take effect. Please please please pick up a sample of these and at least trial it for 2 weeks to give your skin the chance to drink up their goodness.

I have been having a dabble with both Moisture Solution and Reviver to maximise the strength and vitality of my skin then pushing the hydrating drink that the moisture solution provides. All these late nights, polluted cities and central heating are none to kind to the old face. 

I do however 100% recommend you go into store or speak to an online artist to get these tailored to your concerns. I do not want you to spend money and effort in something you don't need. Unless its a lipstick. You are always going to need another lipstick. For more information please head over here.

Hopefully you find this post useful now go enjoy healthy looking skin!


Hello, Red Boots!

Hello everyone

I cannot wait until January is over, I know its bad to wish your life away but it really is a mind numbing month. The middle child of all months. I believe that is why sales are graciously given to us during January as a 'You can do this' incentive. Otherwise all you're left with is your Dry and Vegan mates... 

When it comes to sale shopping like most living and breathing females Zara is the only place I see. Its full blown tunnel vision. Which brings me to explain why this whole post is Zara infused, please believe Zara has not sponsored this post, (I wish). Call me, call me. Every year they do smash it out the park and this year was no exception. In my personal opinion I thought the sales this year were a bit lack lustre which only highlighted to me what a jewel Zara really is, thank you Spain. I always liked you.  

Anyone who has seen me for the past 2 weeks will know that I have been living in this coat, its super light weight, isn't bulky and yet still manages to keep me warm. I also had to fight an older gentleman in Zara who also wanted to adorn this piece. No no stranger, not today. Thankfully my lack of height lead him to believe I was probably some poor 14 year old and he couldn't possible snatch it from me. Like taking candy from a baby. 

Jacket: Zara (sale) £29.99
Jumper: Zara £19.99
Jeans: Marks and Spencer £34.99
Boots: Zara £49.99
Bag: Zara £29.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (old) 

 Now onto the main authority here, those red booties! I got these for Christmas believe it or not. I know cliche, but how could I not. I was a bit sceptical at first and did feel like I was a hair away from full on Kat Slater inspo however I do feel super paired back casual vibes can really pull this through. Surprisingly they are super comfortable to wear too unlike my new Mango ones, I still love you tho babies. Even if you do make me want to go full on 'Saw Mode' to my ankle. 

I must admit I am very much enjoying experimenting with my style a little more and actually putting thought into my purchases rather than just 'hit and run' free style through all stores. I am still thinking minimal and classic but I adore touches of rough to an outfit that stops it looking too try hard, i.e. the frayed hems. 

I shall end this rant here folks, please have an amazing weekend and I will see you shortly. Feels good to be back. 


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blogger Favourites for Twenty Seventeen


As much as this pains me to say, I'm truly devastated that the time has come for me to put away my christmas dreams once more. Now is the time to focus on a brand new and very daunting fresh start of a year.... I refuse to dwell on the mistake that is 2016 so I choose to focus more on bringing back time for numbero one, moi. How very selfish of me. Basically as you may know I took a break from blogging last year as I found it really stressful juggling everything and everyone and I didn't want to push out content that would barely make it on Snapchat (I didn't mean it Snapchat I still love you). However this year I have chosen to take more time for myself and this includes starting up the blog again and saying the word 'no' more often. Scary thought to a 'Yes Man' like myself. Even as I type this I have had 3 of my housemates knock on my door. *housemates: don't read this (they wont). 

1. Love Cloth
2. I dress myself
3. We Are Twinset
4. Shot From The Street
5. Ropes of Holland
6. What Olivia Did
8. Little Magpie
9. Song of Style
10. The Little Plum
11. Sunbeams Jess
12. Brittany Bathgate

The secret to this unusual 'No' mentality is baby steps. The first baby step being to bring back my blog. I've really missed it and completely obsess over other blogs and wish I could go back to it. The inspiration that is out there is incredible thanks to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. However this does serve as a constant reminder that I haven't done a OOTD in some time, the horror. what will justify my purchases now?!?! With this being said, I have compiled a list of my top 10 *cough 12 bloggers that I always look to for inspiration and blog motivation. In other words, obsession.

Check them out, I've linked their blogs Above! I'm always looking for new people to stalk over so please by all means comment your suggestions below and...

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fashion: Back to Basics

Hello everyone!

So today I thought I would break the 'blog break' and bring you one of my go to styles. Basic bitch. Basically I often find dressing this way far too tempting, due to its ease. I am a pretty lazy dresser so if I can put minimal effort in I will. Different case with makeup though, I can spend and entire hour doing my makeup, but more than 15 minutes on dressing and you've lost me. To be honest with you all I have been blogging for some time now and I feel like I've lost a bit of inspiration for it, the kind of motivation that gets you out there, unfazed by the strangers that will stare (thats a lie, people will always stare). However recently I have even contemplated giving up blogging, as it is so time consuming especially when you work full time. Your leisure time becomes so precious that I feel silly spending it taking pictures of myself... 

However a quick stint on Pinterest, Bloglovin and Instagram has shown me the light, for now. This post however is heavily inspired by one particular blogging duo, WeAreTwinset you can find their amazing and babe'in blog here. They always look so put together, classic but with an edge and always minimal. Its a pretty timeless look that I have been obsessed with. So with that in mind I've put together one of my favourite easy looks. Jeans, shirt and heels, not exactly groundbreaking. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Sunglasses: RayBan £125
Choker: ASOS £8
Shirt: NewLook £18.99
Jeans: Zara £35
Heels: NewLook £25
Clutch: Whistles (gifted)

You may notice I am wearing jeans, I never wear jeans. I think on this blog alone there are about 3 posts of me in jeans? This is because jeans never ever suit my shape, ever. Until Zara came with the most beautiful of pairs. I think they are supposed to be cropped but my petite self can imagine its full length. These are so easy to chuck on and go with everything especially heels. Which brings me to these beautiful lace up heels from New Look, such a strong retailer this season! Please ignore my disgusting feet, editing these pictures were hard, believe me. Speaking of New Look they knocked the ball out of the park with this shirt. Super silky satin and feels incredible. I first thought it might have been transparent but it honestly is one of the best quality fabrics I have ever adorned! Way better quality than half of the Topshop ones I have seen kicking about for £45. 

Dreams do come true with this clutch. I have been wishing for a Whistles clutch bag for so long. So long. This one was kindly gifted to me and I love it so much I know I can't use it everyday. Its kept in its little bag and used on special occasions, or blog posts... Whistles is one of my favourite aspirational retailers, its a shop I know I can't exactly go on a spree in but love saving for those timeless pieces you know you'll love time and time again. 

I think I have babbled enough for now, I hope you guys have a great week and thanks for all your love and support for my blog over the years. Its meant a lot. For now I will definitely continue blogging, hopefully that moment of madness was a minor blip. 

See you soon!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Fashion: Oh Another Suede Jacket...

Hi everyone,

This post is going to have to be a short but sweet one so apologies upfront! These pictures were taken this weekend in the beautiful Richmond my new found dream area of London. If only the commute wasn't as long and one room wasn't £800+ a month. But honestly if you have never visited you need to, the high street is gorgeous filled with little cafes and shops, beautiful scenery and the park is so amazing full of wildlife with a fantastic view of London. 

Moving on and now that the sun is finally out and it feels at least somewhat like summer I have been on a shopping binge, and I must say New Look, Mango and Zara are the front runners so far. I've always been a lover of Zara, I mean who isn't but this year I have noticed their prices don't seem to be as high as they usually are. The trousers were £25 and feel incred and aren't transparent as many other brands *Topshop* trousers are with a £38 price tag attached.  I'm loving the length of these too, I enjoy the fact that they don't trail on the ground but still cover enough leg that I don't need to worry about preparing for leg season. Such sweet laziness. 

Adam wanted a piece of the blogger action. Such a natural. Such pose. Such elegance.

The top I kinda bought in a 'this will be great on holiday' attempt, in which I then wore as soon as it was through my letterbox. Its from New Look and I think it was around £17 which is insane as its gorgeous. It even got an approval from Adam, which believe me rarely happens with my outfits. Its an off the shoulder gypsy style top with flute sleeves, so cute. I just know its a piece I can dress up for evenings or wear with denim for day trips. 

Sunglasses: UO £16
Jacket: Mango £40
Top: New Look £17
Trousers: Zara £25
Chocker: ASOS £5
Boots: Missguided £35

Which now brings me to the main master piece at hand, the jacket. Heeeeeeeellllooooo beautiful is what I said as soon as I clocked it in Mango. I was trying to save that day but my Friend (Hey Mel) persueded (see what I did) to buy it. Honestly it didn't take much, as soon as I tried it on it fitted like a dream. Its real suede and has this gorgeous burnt tan to it with two handy pockets and patchwork detailing on the shoulders and back all for a smashing £40. It was originally £80 but if you go upstairs to the outlet section you can really find some decent gems. 

Also sad tale, these sunglasses that I have basically worn in every post got lost on the bus the other day... I can only hope they are traveling around the world living their little lives. It has made me want to save for some Ray Bans though. 

Right, hope you lot have an amazing week and I will see you in my next post, BYE.