Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fashion: Jeans and Easy Tailoring

Hello everyone,

Hope you had the best week ever, I've sure had a busy one so this weekend was much needed. On Saturday we took a stroll around High Street Kensington then through Holland Park. Now if you've never been to High Street Kensington make sure you do, the houses around there are absolute home goals. 

Whats more Saturday had major 'spring vibes' with super squeeky clean white houses with colourful doors and blossoming trees! The perfect backdrop for some quick ootd's. With the slow and I mean slow start of Spring it finally allows us all a little more space to put down the faithful winter coat. I love you coat but by God I am so over wearing duffle, shearling and wool. This is why I am obsessed with blazers right now, I've managed to rack up a grey, black, white and pink one. Yes seriously. However this Mango navy and pinstripe one is my ultimate. 

Its the most perfect shape and the structuring is so comfortable to wear and super flattering with all outfits. For work I love to match it up with pinstripe navy trousers and at weekends this begs for some denim attention. Denim has been everywhere this winter and its not going to stop for spring either. Two tone denim has really caught my eye recently in all shades of denim and looks great on all figures. You get extra bonus points if the hems are frayed too. I know the golden rule is to never mix navy with black but I love how the jeans and the blazer work so separately. 

Shirt: Mango £34.99
Blazer: Mango £20
Jeans: Zara £39.99
Boots: Mango £79.99
Sunglasses: Ray Ban £125
Bag: Whistles £125 

I also have gone a little crazy in Mango recently, I mean who knew. Give it 3 years ago and I wouldn't even bat an eyelid now its right up there with Zara and Topshop. They have such amazing pieces including this gorgeous black silky flared sleeve shirt. Its barely been off my back and is the perfect statement shirt to wear at any occasion because although its printed the muted colours keep it very 'safe'. 

I've also been switching up my bag recently, trying to declutter all the 'junk' that I usually carry around in my shopper bag. Its amazing how much a girl can carry around on a daily basis that is so unnecessary, my vice is tissues and receipts, why oh why do I need about 7 packets and 15 receipts all stuffed at the bottom. However this Whistles clutch bag is the perfect size to carry all my essentials without giving me room to stuff all the crap in there. 

Hope this week coming up is good to you!
Lots of love,

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Lifestyle: Rome Diaries

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram newly changed to @chloejadestory then you would know that I have recently visited Rome. My new favourite place in the whole world. I've never felt so well rested after such a short trip. Big relaxation vibes. Hope you enjoy the collection of picture below!

The best breakfast coffee I have ever had. Also please note that hot chocolate and extra cream! 

Top: Brandy Melville 
Jacket: Zara
Culottes: Topshop 
Shoes: Asos

2000 years old! Over 150ft high! 


Shirt: Mango
Jacket: &otherstories
Trouser: New Look
Shoes: Asos 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Gifted

More yellow my all time favourite colour. It just instantly makes you happy. Every little street and lane had so much character. 

Gotta get that all time shoefie with all this marble around...

Casual Tiramisu and Oreo Cookie Gelato, words cannot describe this kind of happiness...

I ate all of this. For Lunch. I then had Pizza later. No shame. 

Look this this weather! In Feb!

I hope you enjoyed looking through some quick mini break pics. We stayed at this Gorgeous boutique hotel called Rome Maison D'hotes. Big thank you to all the staff there that were so helpful and kind to us. 

We will be back soon!

Fashion: LFW Round Up

Hi everyone! 

Little bit late over in this blog, but better late than never. As we all know Fashion week has been on the go and seems to be bigger than ever. From my own personal experience I have loved searching through Instagram and stalking every fashion designer and fashion blogger alike on their travels through out each show. NYFW is always my favourite. I am just obsessed with New York. 
I then jumped on the chance to to take some street style when LFW rolled around. This year did not disappoint it was bolder then ever. Saying that I did miss the 'cool girl' minimalism that I feel LFW always lacks. The rule more is more is an understatement ha. 
Take a look at my notes below :). 

This bag. This bag. Anything Chanel tbh is an instant hit with me. I am currently saving for my first ever 'real' designer bag and its a toss up between Chanel and Gucci.

The hair, is amazing! Like seriously amazing. It was actually her Bomber jacket I loved and really appreciated the laid back nature of her throwing a coat over the top for that easy layered effect. 

I think this is my favourite shot of the day. I love how close the girls look and the busy nature of the photo. The super cool checkered coat helps of course... 

Holographic. Silver. Boots. Enough said. 

I'm not usually the biggest fan of lilac never mind head to toe. However this girl looked so effortless in hers and gave me real envy. I could have ripped that denim number right off and worn it there and then. 10/10 for sunglasses. 

I featured this image on my Instagram stories mainly for the boots and bag combo. Its my actual dream. Yellow is my all time favourite colour and these two compliment each other and the whole look so nicely without it being in your face. Perfection. It also makes me want to try a corset/bustier over my work shirt. 

This girl right here screams sass! Another dream jacket winner right here too, I believe its a Zara number too. Complete with matching sunglasses. She has really nailed all textures, pastels and metallics. Go on gurl! 

Another hit from one of my favourite style icons Chloe. Great name btw... This outfit is far more similar to my usual style and i completely love the oversized blazer contrasted by the chunky Doc Martin style boots. 

This girl was so lovely and beyond beautiful. I loved her play on colours; red, green and pink. Normally a no no but it worked gorgeously with her hair and skin tone. Her lipstick was from &OtherStories! 

This girl has the accessory game for me. I absolutely loved the use of two bags especially the novelty mini bag. Paired with matching beanie and lips. I just love how relaxed it is. 

 No Fashion Week street style is complete without the standard coat of the shoulders look. Which personally I am a big fan of. Also props for walking seamlessly in those heels, worth it too. What I would do to own those. 

I have seen this girl in a lot of LFW street style but honestly it was because she just stood out straightaway for all the right reasons. Just look at that chunky scarf and dungaree combo. Goes to show you can be fashionable and dress appropriately. Note to self Chloe. 

 Heres another trend I am obsessed with. Mutual tonal colour palette. Those v cut heels also are going to be BIG. This reminds me of a look that Brittany Bathgate would love. 

Something I could never wear and yet this girl looks incredible. Such 70's sass with the shades, fur and boots. Big win. 

Metallics, strong sunglasses and designer bags seemed to be the theme of this years LFW and I am totally okay with that. I especially loved the colour of this metallic jacket. Her ring game is also particularly strong. 

Oh hey girl, hey! This little babe (Primark to Prada) was especially strong also carrying designer bag. Gucci love all round, its the perfect size to wear cross body or as a clutch. The rock style vintage tee paired with the deeper tones of this faux fur jacket is a great combo and actually weather appropriate. Its also such a good size, trying to find a crop fur that isn't too bulky is mission impossible. So well done girl, Mission Complete. 

This girl was scarily close to getting run over. Please be aware when taking Street Style pics that there may be cars on the road. Puhlease. Overall a strong look through, I love the fishnets as apposed to bare legs and the contrast in her fur coat and fur bag. The mix of furs make an interesting texture palette. 

Oh hey little dino <3!

I now need a yellow pair of Aviators. Thankfully Urban Outfitters has my back. Now I just need a pair of rainbow earrings and matching pink puffa to wear to the office. 

Hair inspo obviously! 

Strong earring game: Check. Strong printed muted shirt: Check. Strong designer bag: Check. Strong sneaker game: Check. 

 Embroidered anything was big this year and this leather number is beautiful especially with teamed with pops of tomato red accessories. I also really appreciate this boots, perfect sock boot height. 

This girl is naturally gorgeous which obviously helps. But I was particularly obsessed with these bronze mules. WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?! 

This girl is screaming Puff Daddy rainbow vibes. The attention to detail is unbelievable even down to her rainbow socks. Bravo, Bravo!! 

Hope you enjoyed guys!