Wednesday, 22 January 2014

You Better Check Yo Checks

Hello everyone!
Okay so another late post, but I actually have a good excuse this time. I AM LIVING IN LONDON BABAY! So with all the travelling and finishing uni until 4th year I haven't really had time. But I did manage to squeeze in some cheeky photos for you all.
I am living with my buddy while I do my internship, so she will be taking over the photography which will be interesting... But if I can train the members of my family I can teach anyone!
So the photos will look a little bit different from now on, they won't have the same backdrop which will be a nice change I think. I am hoping to do my posts on a sunday as its my only day off and the day I get to reeeeeaaally explore London so I will get some ootd posts in.
So this post will just have to be a quick one tonight as its only mid week through my first week of placement and I am sleeeeeeeeeeeepy. You may notice from these photos that I am loving monochrome again, and checks. Just a tad.
White Jacket: Topshop £48
Black Jacket: Primark £20
Top: Topshop £35
Trousers: Next £28
Bag: River Island £35.99
Heels: Primark £12
Hat: H&M £13.99
Righteyo I am off to bed now. 20 past 9! I know crazy!
But guys you do not understand the pains it is to travel in BOTH rush hour times in the tube. The amount of times I have accidently, kissed, sat, punched and been absorbed into someones belly button is UNREAL.
Lots of loooooooooove
See you soon!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Jacket No 6543...

Happy new year everyone!
Now I'm not going to lie here, this may be the first day I have felt human enough to get out of bed and look at a computer screen. Only the signs of a good night out! My new year was amazing complete with chinese lanterns, drinking games and fireworks and maybe a touch of too much vodka.
Now that 2014 is upon us I cannot wait to get started 2013 served me very well and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunites it presented me, I can only hope 2014 is half as good starting with moving to London come Jan 18th. I am moving down there with my best buddy from uni so hopefully with her help I can continue to carry on this blog and HOPEFULLY at least do one once a week, I am even worse than a part timer I know.
Jacket: Present
Jumper: Primark £10
Skirt: Vera Moda £27
Boots: Primark £22
Bag: Warehouse £45
Sun glasses: Next £16
Small watch necklace: Accessorise £18
large watch necklace: Present
This outfit is pretty much a comfy one, after all the festive food and booze I really couldn't get off with wearing anything skin tight. Although check out this jacket! My brother did very well this christmas and found this beauty as he knew I was in love with the Acne one, maybe one day...Its super cosy as well as the inside is all lined with sheepskin stuff. I'm just so happy I own this number.
Next up is this furry little crop top from Primark, literally been hunting for months but FINALLY the Aberdeen Primark has got it in stock. There is a baby blue one too but my girlie side took over and choose the lilac, very unsual for me.
Oh and as good as these boots look, so not practical. I think I nearly died ata least 17x more or less. Oh and please do not hate me, the sun was actually out that morning ha!
Right I'm away to stuff my face, as per with my oldest friend. Hopefully she feels the same and we hit up Jimmy Chungs. My body needs a buffet!
All the best guys, see you soon.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I Finally Got a Pink Coat

Hey everyone!
I'm hoping this week so far has been full of festive fun?! First off I am so so so soooo sorry for my complete lack of posts recently. I am a disgrace. Its just this time of year is manic for me between courseworks and my part time job PLUS xmas shopping and getting my placement sorted my blog had to be put on hold. :(. 
However through all that craziness I finally got myself a placement, and its at the most perfect internship ever! A marketing intern at OU, literally my dream job. So I will be moving down to London town around mid January time, cannot contain my excitement!
Jacket: Primark £15
Shirt (worn underneath): Asos £35
Wrap blouse:  H&M £15.99
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: Primark £12
Bag: River Island £15
Necklace: Topshop £16.50
Hows everyone doing with their Christmas shopping? I have done amazing so far, I have a grand total of...0. Typical Chloe every year the same, one of my biggest flaws is that I give the worst presents. So I'm in town all day Friday, I'm braving the mad crowds in the hope I get all my shopping down succesfully. Wishful thinking I know.
Now the main reason to blame for my lack of gifts buying is because I keep getting distracted and seeing things for myself! Such a curse. One lucky steal is this Primark coat which I LOVE and I've been hunting for a pink coat for ages and this was only £15. Boom. You wouldn't believe the compliments I've had because of this bad boy.
Any one know what to wear for newyear yet? I've no idea. Its the same every year, not a clue. I know one thing is certain this clutch is defo getting worn how amazing is it?! I love it to death, I've wanted a holographic one for ages but the colours on this are just perfect, never been a fan of the silver ones.
Oh gawd that really sad emotionally charity advert about Savethechildren just came on. KILLS ME EVERYTIME.
And with that happy note I'm off, see you all soon!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Cannot Decide If Leather Gloves Are Creepy Or Not...

Hello Everyone!
How have you all been keeping??? Just going to rush a head and apologise as this post will have to be a wee one as it is Friiiiiday, TGIF and I am away out to get some much needed alcohol and party my coursework blues away.
I must admit as much as I love winter these dark nights are a nightmare, horrendous for walking home in, especially after work and I miss those days you went out for drinks and it was still light, made me feel like a rebel. Ah man.
On top of much coursework procrastination I have been desparately searching for internships down in Landan towwwn, with some luck hopefully I'll be working down there next year, fingers crossed. So this outfit was pretty much based around the idea that I was wearing a crop top in winter so I felt I needed about 50 layers and accessories to make up for it. I know checks are everywhere so I thought I might as well being a blogger and everything join in, plus its red which I luuuuurrrve. I thought due to the fact I do not have the Victoria Secret super model look I better top this off with something highwaisted. These are the same trousers I had in my last post but in black, I loved them so much I bought 2. I am also hoping these will look good for interviews too...
Jacket: Topshop £58
Top: Saunt&Sinner, Price available upon request
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: River Island £55
Bag: Accessorise £35
Necklace: collar Topshop £16.50
Necklace: Skull Topshop £14
Gloves: M&S £18
I may have went a little overboard on the accessory front here but it was freezing today so the gloves were needed. I am still a bit meh about them I think some gloves look absolutely gorgeous but these I can't tell or not look a bit murderous. Who knows. BUT onto the BAG! This is my new favourite. I love bags but I tend not to buy them too often as I always have a favourite and stick to it. Hence my intro to this. Its from Accessorise and was only £30! It looks like it could be a £60 from Zara.
I tried miserable to hide my roots for these pics...but I think I may have made it worse. My bad.
Anyways have a great Friday babes.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm Not A Business Man, Imma Business Maaannn

Helloooooo everyone!
Hope your firework/bonfire night is going good for you all? I have suddenly got a mad craving for some sparklers? When is it not appropriate to want them again? I look 12 so hopefully I don't look like a mad woman buying them in bulk....Until I get ID'd, damn, flawed plan.
Surprise, surprise Chloe another coat! So this is obviously my new obsession this season. A girl really doesn't need as much jackets as I have atm. Its disgusting. Yet love is love. Please don't judge me. This is pretty much the exact copy of the camel Primark one I have but in blue, it was £30 so really well priced and looks so good and keeps the cold Aberdeen chill away. One happy Chloe.
Was actually pleasantly surprised with the Aberdeen fireworks display tonight, thumbs up lads. However, the playlist was the worst ever. It was so bad it was funny. A mix of Cher, disney and Psy. It says it all really.
Jacket: Primark £30
Shirt: MissSelfridge £32
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: Primark £12
Necklace: £16.50
Bag: Zara £39.99
Sunglasses: Next £16
I haven't been buying much from the high street recently, pretty disappointed at their lack of originality to be honest but with that sour note, online is amazing this season. My postman is going nuts as he basically sees me everyday, I blame it on my brother and claim hes having an 'identity Crisis'. The postie seems to accept. I know, before you all start I'm wearing trousers, cray huh?! haha. Even I'm a little shocked. But I love love LOVE these. They kinda look like straight jacket type of trousers but they are the perfect length for my midget body and the high waist is so flattering. I cannot wait to pair them with my white blazer to create the whole 'suit' vibe. I've also had a wee haircut I hope you all like the shorter look.
I know its too soon but now that Halloween is over, I went as the hero Steve Irwin, I am buzzing for Christmas. There I said it. I may even start on my collection of xmas jumpers. Beware buddies you will all be getting one. Enjoy the rest of tonight lovelies.
See yous.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is going good with you all. So the title to this blog is a bit of a piss take really as I find pink to be the least sexiest colour PLUS this outfit is not a pulling outfit. So if you have a hot date do not wear this however if you are going to a 5 year olds birthday party, do.
I bought another coat...I know so bad. How could you resist though it looks soooooooo fluffy and it feels like you are wearing your favourite teddy! I wear load of black and white at the moment so I know I'll get good use out of this bad boy. The only regret I may have is....its white and I spill EVERYTHING, and I mean everything.
I'm not normally a pink person at all as I look young enough as it is, like 12 at a push but it is pretty much the colour of the season so it would be rude not too. Oh and if you want to look slim do not wear a shirt, a fluffy jumper and a fur coat, I look so chubby but I'm cosy and thats all that matters.
Hat: H&M £8.99
Dress (worn as skirt): Primark £15
Jumper: Primark £10
Shirt: Topshop £35
Necklace: Topshop £16.50
Socks: Topshop £5
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins £69
Bag: Dorothy Perkins £15
Shoes: Zara £45
I'm still trying to find a placement and it is sooooooooo hard to snap one up, plus saving money for that means less money for clothings. Depressing. Depressing. Depressing.
Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween babies!
See you soon.