Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Home!

Hello everyone


So fourth year is officially over and I escaped the ruthless halls of university and actually made it out alive in pretty good nick, 2:1 ain't bad. With this, on the last day of university I quickly packed my stuff (all 3 cases of it) and moved to London as fast as I could. Which overall isn't too shabby. Once I'd survived Aberdeen and 4th year a well deserved trip travelling across east coast America was conquered, and boy was it ahmazing! A very tiring and jam packed 3 weeks but a completely unbelievable and unforgettable experience with 2 of the best people. I've taken waaaaaay to many pictures of America's beautiful scenery which I'm sure my Facebook friends are loving...

But I am back in London PERMANENTLY which is the weirdest feeling but the best one. It already feels like home therefore all I need now is my dream job. I'm still obsessed with the fashion industry even after studying it for 4 years however getting a job in London is not going to be easy but I am prepared to be patient and graft for that career... But to be honest I am the least patient person ever and I want it now!!! So if anyone knows anyone who needs some fashiony person for PR/Marketing give me a call. 

Right I am rambling away, main point it this jacket. Look. At. It. 

It deserves its own sentence/space. Its possibly the best thing I've ever bought, strangers always come up to me and ask if its vintage...I lie and say yes. Every time. Its actually from Missguided you can also get it in black too which is more sensible but yellow is my favourite colour so it was a no brainer for little me. 

Jacket: Missguided £34.99
Top: Zara £34.99
Trousers: Forever21 £19.99
Wedges: Primark £14
Bag: Primark £8
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £19.99
Choker: River Island £8.99

Since I have no uni excuse I'm pretty sure I can start posting some more outfit pics for you all, this one was taken today as the weather was on top form. Me and my boyfriend/photographer (gutted to be him), took a stroll around Chiswick park today, the grounds are stunning so figured it would be pretty convenient to start snapping away. Now all non blogger people out there need to appreciate the embarrassment of taking these pictures with 1000s of people/dogs/kids walking by. You are trying to act as natural as possible, not get hair in face and get all those 'one take, no filter' poses right with the strangest looks from passers by. I can't even blame them, I'd do the same. The struggle is real people. 

Btw, this Zara top is on sale now for £19.99 so GO FOR IT. I am away to go and watch Game of Thrones as I am obsessed/apply for every fashion job under the sun. Wish me luck!

See you soon


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Well Would You Look at That!

Hi everyone!

This has taken me a bit of a while to actually gain the courage to pop this on here but I recently made a Lookbook of 3 outfits from the ASOS petite range.

Its  mix of a poor random jogger, cat and PUPPY! Also its my first one so sorry if I look awkward or my pouting skills are not on 'fleek'. The footage you see is literally all the good cuts we could gather, the rest was just be gallivanting around good old Aberdeen. 

Outfit 1: Top: ASOS £38
Trousers: ASOS £24
Heels: Zara £35
Bag: Primark £8

Outfit 2: Top: Forever 21 £18.99
Skirt: ASOS £25
Shoes: Missguided £35
Jacket: H&M £35
Bag: Zara £29.99

Outfit 3: Dress: ASOS £38
Jacket: Primark £25
Hat: ASOS (Present)
Boots: Tesco £25
Bag: H&M £12.99
Necklace: H&M £4.99

Hope you guys enjoy!


Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hi everyone!

How are things since I've been missing which feels like 10u8356 years. Why there is a little 'u' in there I don't know but it highlights my distress. I miss blogging! I feel like it takes me away from uni and lets me do something more creative and also gives me an excuse to stop dressing like a homeless woman eating the scraps out of a Farmfoods bin... Moving on check this sweet ass suit out!

If you are devoid of all colour I recommend just plunging in with the biggest and brightest colour you can find. I feel like I have been in a bit of style neutral rut recently and with spring basically upon I decided to sack the neutrals and go all pink and red on the world. 

Now I know, I know pink AND red, Chloe are you fo reals? Hey why not suuuuuure I will probably regret it by next week but for now this Dr Love get up I am feeling

Blazer: ASOS £55
Trousers: ASOS £24
Shirt: Zara £40
Boots: Office £50
Bag: Michael Kors £250

Also if pink and red wasn't adventurous enough for me I decided to cheekily throw in a nice safe pattern like...leopard print hahaha! Go big or go home right, right?

So I may have went a little crazy on this outfit but I think it kinda works. Suits I have had an obsession over for years as you may have seen from the John Travolta esque one in a previous post. 

Sorry this one is so speedy, until next time!

See you! 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Poppy Red

Hello everyone!

Finally some sun is here and it is B.E.A.UUUUUUUUUTIFUL. Don't get me wrong its not warm, but its sunny which is the main thing here. 

Right now I am so into the up and coming trends as my old jumpers just aren't cutting it right now. So I was just doing my usual 7 hours of browsing on the ASOS site and boom I seen this dress. It is bold. But it is ggggorgeous! I haven't bought a new day time dress in ages and this one I just couldn't resist so now...its mines. In the summer time I plan to wear it with cute sunnies, black open toed boots and some lace socks. 

As it is not summer yet this bad boy suede guy here will do! This is by far the heaviest jacket I have ever bought in my life, its real suede which is the shizz but it means for my frame it can be quite bulky and very rigid so my walk is even slower than usual due to the weight. Worth it. 

Jacket: Beyond Retro £65
Dress: ASOS £40

I was having a really un-photogenic day so apologies for the facial expressions and lack of shoes, bag etc. This outfit is pretty loud anyway so I wouldn't be wearing any crazy footwear today. 

Just a super quick post today as uni work is calling my name and even doing a blog post is pure guilt. Procrastination why you do this to meeeeeeeeeee.

Have a fabby week guys!


Monday, 23 February 2015

Everyone Is Talking About Denim

Hey everyone!

Yay its Monday whoooooo, back to the weekly grind. Now that LFW is almost over I have started to reflect on the outfits that I have seen and the trends that have been emerging. However I have to say I wasn't overly blown away. I don't know if its because right now being in between seasons the shops don't have loads to offer or if we are all lacking a little bit of inspiration. 

I just felt in some cases, there was definitely exceptions, that dressing was a bit OTT. For example the 70s trend, I absolutely love this trend but some people were literally head to toe, time travelling gypsys that have saturated themselves in every fringe, velvet, floaty or suede material there was. I actually preferred to see the kids that were dressing crazy like the bloggers The Confetti Crowd, literally loved every single outfit, it was all just so fun and playful. 

I was also so chuffed to see so many Scottish bloggers down at LFW this year and they all completely rocked it. Now that I feel the 70s trend is ruined, a new trend emerged that I really and will always love, denim. I have worn denim since I was around 4 years old but never in jeans weirdly enough. Jeans just do not suit me which is annoying because they look great on other people. 

Coat: ASOS £58
Denim Jacket: Vintage Levi £22
Shirt: Ralph Lauren £70
Leather leggings: Topshop (old)
Brogues: Missguided £29.99
Watch: Fossil (Present)
Rings: H&M £4.99

My favorite is the denim jacket. The one I am wearing today is an absolute vintage Levi steal that will be my true love eternally. I got this one from one of the stores on Brick Lane, there would never be something this amazing in Scotland. However saying that, its not vintage but there is a new beautiful one in H&M that is begging to be mines. It is a off white beauty with rose gold buttons......aaaah I die. Every time I walk past it to get to work I always go in, just to feel it. Weird, I know.

I'm pretty sure the denim trend will be big this year especially in forms of dresses and co-ords which I cannot wait for! For now since it is still minus 25 outside I will be wearing mines underneath coats. Super cosy. 

Thanks for reading!


Friday, 20 February 2015

Are You a Saunt Or a Sinner?

Hi everyone!

Finally I managed to get my photographer back, so the quality of these pictures, fingers crossed, should be better for you lot and you can also see the whole outfit in natural daylight rather than the light of my room. So I was kindly gifted two t-shirts by the stylish Scottish brand Saunt&Sinner check out their collections here. To bring some freshness to the brand Saunt & Sinner have released these new minimalist t-shirts one white and one black which is perfect for how I want to dress at the moment. They are also unisex if you want to do the whole 'couple dressing' thing..... Your choice. 

I've went for the white t-shirt to style this time as I know it is pretty easy to chuck on a leather jacket and rock a day look but I wanted to portray that a casual t-shirt with a bold design can be styled to be a sleek night look. Without looking too much like John Travolta, style icon,  I put this look with my green mac to help break up the blinding white. 

I absolutely love love love seeing Scottish brands emerge from the fashion scene as I think as a whole we are a very creative country its just a shame we do not  get the fair representation that we deserve. Rant over. Without coming across over patriotic as I leave to live in London soon I will always have a soft spot for Scottish designers and their brands. 

T-shirt: Saunt & Sinner £30
Blazer: Topshop £58
Trousers: Red Herring £34.99
Heels: Next £35
Clutch: Zara (old)
Mac: Primark £24.99
Rings: H&M £4.99

SS15 is sooooo close and I cannot wait to refresh my wardrobe as I am so over chunky knits and leggings the thought of floaty dresses and bare legs literally makes me want to cry with joy. No exaggeration. LFW starts today! So I will be glued to my laptop streaming every live show there is. After attending LFW a few years back I understand why people get such a buzz from it, the atmopshere and inspiration is electric. 

So this little outfit is an nod to the kind of ensemble I would wear if I was going and uni wasn't ruining any chance of a life. I really enjoy the 70s trend, hence the flared white trousers but as I wanted this to be on the dressy side pair it with a crisp white blazer to hold the whole outfit together. The t-shirt gives you that relaxed cool vibe so that it doesn't look too 'try hard'. 

Let me know if you are going to LFW this year? I also will be attached to instagram like its a vital organ as Instagram is my baby during Fashion Week. If you are looking for new brands on Instagram Saunt & Sinners one is great for inspiration and behind the scenes looks, you can check it out here

Right see you lot soon guys, Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to uni I go. 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Shadows and Highlights

Hi everyone!

This post was a bit of a impromptu one so sorry if the lighting is a bit off, also please ignore the cringe worthy selfie stick, the things we do to get ootd pictures. 

After all that colour in the last post I really craved something that was more simplistic, clean and very wearable. I am a massive candidate for buying clothing that feel amazing, if it doesn't feel good then I am not going anywhere near it. Even if something is hideous, if it feels like a cloud, I'll buy it. I'm obsessed.  

So this silk inspired top from Zara is just gorgeous, its very floaty and fluid which allows movement to flow much easier which is specifically important to me as I run around like a toddler on speed. However it is white and considering I am not the most elegant of humans on the plant it will need washed in approx 10 mins. 

I paired it with a long silky underskirt that I recently found underneath one of my very very very old dresses and just cut it out. It fits perfect for layering or wearing on its own in the summer. Normally when I try and do any customisation it goes severely wrong. RIP boyfriend Tammy girl jeans... Yet there was hope, as this time it actually worked and it goes with so much of my wardrobe. 

Jacket: H&M £29.99
Top: Zara £29.99
Skirt: Made
Boots: Missguided £29.99

This jacket I have had for a while now and have literally worn it to death, you just need to scroll to previous blog posts to see. I love the waterfall style light coats that are going around, I've just recently picked up an olive green one that I love and may marry. Speaking of love its Valentine's day on Saturday or 'single awareness day' depending on which side of the love/hate scale you are on. I have never really been a massive fan of valentines day, I much prefer to just buy gifts out of spontaneity rather than pressure. An unthoughtful gift is the worst. Unless its clothes. Then no, that's never wrong. Either way I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend which ever you decide to do! Hopefully I can post before then :). 

See yous!

Just in case anyone is wondering my lipstick is just a MAC lipliner in Boldly Bare and then a touch of Smashbox Primrose lipstick, for you make up geeks out there!