Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I Finally Got a Pink Coat

Hey everyone!
I'm hoping this week so far has been full of festive fun?! First off I am so so so soooo sorry for my complete lack of posts recently. I am a disgrace. Its just this time of year is manic for me between courseworks and my part time job PLUS xmas shopping and getting my placement sorted my blog had to be put on hold. :(. 
However through all that craziness I finally got myself a placement, and its at the most perfect internship ever! A marketing intern at OU, literally my dream job. So I will be moving down to London town around mid January time, cannot contain my excitement!
Jacket: Primark £15
Shirt (worn underneath): Asos £35
Wrap blouse:  H&M £15.99
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: Primark £12
Bag: River Island £15
Necklace: Topshop £16.50
Hows everyone doing with their Christmas shopping? I have done amazing so far, I have a grand total of...0. Typical Chloe every year the same, one of my biggest flaws is that I give the worst presents. So I'm in town all day Friday, I'm braving the mad crowds in the hope I get all my shopping down succesfully. Wishful thinking I know.
Now the main reason to blame for my lack of gifts buying is because I keep getting distracted and seeing things for myself! Such a curse. One lucky steal is this Primark coat which I LOVE and I've been hunting for a pink coat for ages and this was only £15. Boom. You wouldn't believe the compliments I've had because of this bad boy.
Any one know what to wear for newyear yet? I've no idea. Its the same every year, not a clue. I know one thing is certain this clutch is defo getting worn how amazing is it?! I love it to death, I've wanted a holographic one for ages but the colours on this are just perfect, never been a fan of the silver ones.
Oh gawd that really sad emotionally charity advert about Savethechildren just came on. KILLS ME EVERYTIME.
And with that happy note I'm off, see you all soon!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm Not A Business Man, Imma Business Maaannn

Helloooooo everyone!
Hope your firework/bonfire night is going good for you all? I have suddenly got a mad craving for some sparklers? When is it not appropriate to want them again? I look 12 so hopefully I don't look like a mad woman buying them in bulk....Until I get ID'd, damn, flawed plan.
Surprise, surprise Chloe another coat! So this is obviously my new obsession this season. A girl really doesn't need as much jackets as I have atm. Its disgusting. Yet love is love. Please don't judge me. This is pretty much the exact copy of the camel Primark one I have but in blue, it was £30 so really well priced and looks so good and keeps the cold Aberdeen chill away. One happy Chloe.
Was actually pleasantly surprised with the Aberdeen fireworks display tonight, thumbs up lads. However, the playlist was the worst ever. It was so bad it was funny. A mix of Cher, disney and Psy. It says it all really.
Jacket: Primark £30
Shirt: MissSelfridge £32
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: Primark £12
Necklace: £16.50
Bag: Zara £39.99
Sunglasses: Next £16
I haven't been buying much from the high street recently, pretty disappointed at their lack of originality to be honest but with that sour note, online is amazing this season. My postman is going nuts as he basically sees me everyday, I blame it on my brother and claim hes having an 'identity Crisis'. The postie seems to accept. I know, before you all start I'm wearing trousers, cray huh?! haha. Even I'm a little shocked. But I love love LOVE these. They kinda look like straight jacket type of trousers but they are the perfect length for my midget body and the high waist is so flattering. I cannot wait to pair them with my white blazer to create the whole 'suit' vibe. I've also had a wee haircut I hope you all like the shorter look.
I know its too soon but now that Halloween is over, I went as the hero Steve Irwin, I am buzzing for Christmas. There I said it. I may even start on my collection of xmas jumpers. Beware buddies you will all be getting one. Enjoy the rest of tonight lovelies.
See yous.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lavish Alice, Warning Dont Look High Risk of Spending

Hello everyone!
Ma wishlist, Ma loves.
LAVISH ALICE: Perfect Patterns

Black & White Embroidered Floral Loose Bomber Jacket 1.
Rock 'N Rose Lita Vintage Cat Eye Sunnies in Black 2.
Black & Gold Cut Out Ankle Block Heel Boots 3.
Wine Patent A Line PVC Midi Skirt 4.
Green Tartan Leather Trim Wrap Fitted Pencil Skirt 5.
Green Tartan Cropped Zip Fastened Box Top 6.
Black Leather Laser Cut Flat Fold Over Clutch Bag, (Only Black left!)7.
Black Pleated Short Sleeve Black Contrast Collar Structured Dress 8.

If you haven't heard of this brand by now you must be living under a rock, its super trendy yet easily affordable for skint students like myself. It focuses on the fashion forward and has pieces that are completely different from the highstreet which is perfect if you dont want the fashion disaster of turning up in the same outfit as your bestie. The A/W collection is to die for, it concentrates on textures and patterns like tartan, PVC and florals. Plus their laser cutting is amazing! If you want a cheeky look check out their website here at

I know 2 posts one day, crazy stuff, but I wanted to share with you all this competition I have entered and how you can enter too. Its such a good competition and really easy to enter here are the steps. Go on you know you want to...

Step 1: Email your request to take part in the competition to

Step 2: Create a Lavish Alice Wish list on your blog, with images connecting through to the Lavish Alice category page. Use the Style Off image (above) issued via email to illustrate the post. Tweet @LavishAlice when you’ve done the post.

Step 3: Sit back and relax! The LA team will then pick 5 bloggers at random.

Step 4: LA will send all 5 bloggers the same item to style for their blog

Step 5: LA will then pick the best-styled images and the winner will receive a £50 LA gift voucher.

Thats it! You may struggle with the wishlist, Its taken me ages just to narrow it down. Would have been easier me just linking to the website. I WANT IT ALL!


Hello everyone!
This week as just flown by hasn't it, you guys all keeping well? Some people have been tagging me in some of their outfits on Instagram which is super lovely I absolutely adore seeing what you guys are styling together, so keep em coming ladies!
I'm finally used to this chilly weather, mostly due to the fact I keep buying jackets, my mother is none to impressed. Oh wells. I'm addicted to buying coats as in this weather no one sees your outfit so you need to make it look good with a massive bright coat. Least thats how I try to justify it. Besides if your destined to be with a new bad boy coat who am I to say no... I really love the pink 60s style ones that are bobbing about but I'm terrifed I will look too Elle Woods with my blonde hair. I seen a red head in one yesterday and she looked GORGE!
Now that finally I am settled at uni, even turning up with pens and pencils now, cute little pencil case was purchased. I just luuuuurve stationary especially when you get them all in mini form. Supa cute. Okay I'm rambling I mean to say now that I'm settled I should be able to bang out regular posts for you guys :). I hate being such a lazy blogger. Oh, and sorry about the photos being so unclear, I intend on getting a new camera very soon!
Hat: H&M £6.99
Scarf: Primark £6
Coat: Primark £30
Top: Zara £25
Skirt: Missguided £9.99
Shoes: River Island £55
Bag: Zara £39.99
I have a new style crush on super babe blogger, Isabella Thordsen, her site is here. Please check it out plus her instagram is amazing its isabellath she has 100000000000000 of followers plus her style is out of this world cool. I'm trying to copy her hair atm, so laid back and low maintence looking, but mines is no where near a hot as hers. I'm sounding like a creep now aren't I haha.
So tartan is so bloody everywhere at the moment and being Scottish I couldn't exactly ignore it so this is my pledge to all my Scottish followers! However I couldnt just leave it at tartan I am and always will be a faux fur lover and this little collar piece is
I shall be posting at the very least once a week on the tuesday but I will try my ultimate hardest to start posting twice! Especially as I love wintery weather. HALLOWEEN IS SUPER SOON TOO! Cannot wait to see everyones outfits. Right back to the daily grind. Love yous and leave yas.
See you all soon.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hello everyone!
How are you guys all doing this week? Hopefully its been a good one, I don't know if its just me but how come winter has just suddenly appeared? We have had the best summer this year and now my body is used to glorious warmth, I. AM. NOT. PREPARED. FOR. THIS. Normally its cold all year round in Scotland reaching a high of maybe 18 degrees so winter never feels this severe. Oh my days this chill that has crept in has hit me hard. Before I go anywhere I make sure I have at least 4 layers on, not including scarves and hats that are obviously a necessity. Its only October but I'm dressing like its January and we live in Alaska. However some individuals feel the need to wear t-shirts and bare legs still, even seen someone hold on to the idea of sunglasses today. Are they fearless? Optimistic or maybe just a little crazy...?
This weather change has brought about a mass wardrobe change so goodbye neon you were good to me while you lasted. So now I'm thinking I need new stuff so look out for some new pieces that I've been bad with buying lately. Hehe. The main focus with this outfit today was leather and fur. Leather as no wind or cold is getting through that and fur because well....its so fluffy! This leather top is insane value for money it looks so chic and simple yet it was so cheap only £12 from Primark and it could easily pass for something out of Cos. I literally cannot wait to dress it up with skinny leather trousers or a pencil skirt and a massive statement necklace, but since its daytime I went for the trusty leather skirt.
Hat: Primark £12
Jacket: H&M £17.99
Skirt: Miss Selfridge £34.99
Shoes: Office £55
Bag: H&M £15
Top: Primark £12
Ring: Accessorise £8
The hat, or birds nest, was from Primark last year and has kept so well. It is slightly big for my pea head but its so warm I dont even care. I put a wee broach on it today just to give it a girlier feel. Now this fur jacket I love, I cant quite decide if its grey or lilac faux fur but it lterally goes with so much surprisingly which is great as I never have time to plan my outfits anymore.
Halloween is soooooooo soon and I have never been so disorganised, I have finally sent away for a new ID I just hope it comes in time. I've been procrastinating by watching so much halloween youtube tutorials and some of them are amazing but I've still no clue as to what to be yet. The best I've got so far is a teletubbie...Clearly I need more help. So give me some ideas buddies and let me know what you guys are going as.
See you soon.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I Think I Need Colour In My Life

Hello everyone!
Hope you guys are doing gooooood? My blogs had a wee bit of a makeover thanks to a good buddy of mines, hes really good at all this technical stuff while I repel it. So THANKS BRO! My week has had its ups and downs the worst part being my purse and passport got stolen after a night out gutted is an understatement it also means I can't go out on halloween as its my only ID. They've ruined my life! I looooooove halloween.
I'm really struggling to get into uni this year which is pretty disapointing as I love my course, I think its the whole financial merchandising module thats putting me off. Numbers? Fashion? No. Just no. But either way I need to get my ass into gear and I have promised myself I need to be top student from now on....hopefully.
So while I was working at LFW, I picked up this white oversized cocoon coat. Its always so much more cold in London than I ever expect it to be. Plus I had seen so much amazing women in these manish coats that I needed one straight away. I am obsessed with coats this year I picked up another just yesterday as I couldn't resist. I have a problem. I want them all from cape, biker, duffle, boucle, leather, oversized even the massive lapel ones. Help.
It was freezng yesterday even though the sun is out so sorry for the lack of good pictures! Plus my face just wasn't having any of it.
Jacket: Topshop £58
Jumper: Primark £10
Shirt: Primark £12
Skort: Zara £35
Heels: M&S £37.99
Bag: Zara £22.99
Sunglasses: Next £16
Checks are in this season in a big way. So mnay cool colours are coming through with reds, navys and greens I went for the safe white but I am currently in the search for a navy and green checked suit so if you see one link me pretty please!
Right away to catch up on all the uni work I've missed.
See you all soon,