Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dressing If You Are Lazy

Hi everyone!

Do you like the new location? It was after all a life or death situation. Running on rail tracks? Pretty sure thats a definite no, and yet there I am posing to the camera ignoring the incoming train....

I am really bored with my wardrobe right now and I feel like nothing is inspiring me. Nothing. I've been on the lookout for new blogs, youtube channels, trends and magazines and yet I find nothing. If anyone has something cool please feel free to share and help a sista out :). So what do you do when its mid season, mild weather and there is nothing new..? Go straight to basics. Which is why I chucked on a leather biker jacket, white denim shirt and denim jeans. I am the type of person that absolutely obsesses over minimal monochrome dressing. I love it. However it can get slightly over done and the reason that is, is because its the easiest way to dress. And being the lazy slug that I am I always revert right back into it. 

Shirt: Topman £34
Jeans: H&M £14.99
Boots: Next £35
Jacket: Urban Outfitters £80
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £14
Nose ring: Urban Outfitters £4
Hand bracelet: Primark £3
Single bracelets: Primark £3
Neclace: Primark £2
Choker: River Island £8 

Denim will always be having its moment, but white denim is pretty tricky. Its been everywhere this summer which I love but being short'er'  can make it a damn hard one to wear. Top tip, just force yourself into those heels. If you are not blessed with supermodel legs and you want to wear white trousers/jeans you have to wear heels to avoid that dumpy look. White denim shirts however, easy! Girl just chuck it on with absolutely anything and you are good to go!

Also if you have spy like vision you may have noticed my new 'piercing'...Its a nose ring! I do feel ridiculously uncool wearing it knowing its not real but I really like the look and think it gives something extra to a pretty simple outfit. But yeah pretty much everyone I know hates it. Apart from Instagram peeps! They be keeping me strong! I guess the whole 'bull ring' which people have been so lovingly calling it isn't for everyone. 

My grey hair washed out with ONE WASH. I can't even go into detail about it as it upsets me that much. I am soooooo bored of my hair right now. I need the grey to love me now and not when I am 50 and can't get rid of it. LIFE.  I wasn't the most photogenic today so sorry for the pictures/facials turning out weird, I feel like you can see the fear of the approaching trains within my face. 

See you guys soon!


Monday, 20 July 2015


Hi everyone!

As promised here is my long awaited graduation pics! It feels so weird to say that I am a fashion graduate but at the same time I'm beyond relived that its all over. Uni is honestly so much harder than you think it will be. I wasn't one of those students that left home and had crazy freshers weeks, halls with house parties everyday and parents to fund that party lifestyle. My parents would never have been able to afford that, and I would feel too guilty drinking away my parents money. So instead I have always worked right until 4th year doing 24 hours part time contracts and picking up any unpaid internships as I can. I even did one semester in second year taking online classes so I could intern at a Scottish designer. Was definitely worth it but doing an internship, uni and working weeknights and weekends was tough/eww. 

That generally sums up what uni was like for me work at uni, work at weekends and homework/coursework between any of that, and if I was luck an internship at the side. Don't get me wrong I met some amazing people, had the best experiences and ultimately got the degree I wanted, its just very hard. 

(Dem shoes tho).

(What I spent 80% of the time doing).

So now thats all out the way I feel like many other students will the insane need to make me some dolla. From my placements I completely fell in love working for fashion high street brands and cannot wait to get back into that industry. When I'm working it doesn't feel like work at all when you've done about 7 years of 'retail' *shudders. 

The actual day itself was so nice, I came up to Scotland to reunite with my family again and my precious baby puppy, I'M OBSESSED. When I seen her again after 2 months I Kim Kardashian sobbed. Not attractive. The robes made me look like a mix of Miss Trunchball, from the broad shoulder padding and Harry Potter with the hat, but one you are with all your class mates that feeling completely disappears as you are all so proud of one another. 

Hot hat: Robehire
Hot robes: Robehire
Top: Karen Millen  (old) £94
Skirt: H&M £24.99
Heels: Missguided £34.99
leather bracelet: Rox £77

My year was great! I remember being terrified on my first day, looking at how cool everyone looked and thinking that a class of over 100 girls was never going to end well. But I was happily proved wrong. We were all so similarly like minded that bitchiness or competitiveness was never an issue and even appearance in a fashion course wasn't a big deal. Slouchy comfies happened almost every. day. Before we went on stage to receive our 'diplomas' it felt amazing to be sitting in a row with my favourite girls and being so proud of each one, I honestly can't wait to see what exciting things these girls end up doing! 

I DIDNT FALL. I bought these amazing heels for grad then ended up having a reality check and quickly changing into flats to walk that stage as I am more than aware of my clumsy status. It just wasn't worth that risk. Honestly I had never felt the immense pressure of forgetting how to shake someones hand...  Either way none of us fell and I got to see my mum, sister and boyfriend afterwards. Then the photos came and I did my fair share of posing awkwardly and getting last min group photos with my main girlies. 

For after ceremony celebrations my family went to the Rox hotel for a cocktail hightea which was incred. Scones, cream, cakes, sandwiches the lot! I am ashamed to say I felt rather tipsy on the one cocktail...uni sober life. Overall it was such a lovely day and I felt so grateful for my family for giving me the support that they could give and for making the day special. 



(Cocktail that ended me). 

Next post won't be as long, promise!
Also you would have by now realised from these photos what an absolute goon I am in real life. 


Monday, 13 July 2015

Banana Man

Hello everyone!

WARNING: This is a super bright post

Apologies to anyone who isn't the biggest fan of the colour yellow, or blue for that matter as even the shades are projecting major colour vibes. If you didn't know by now Yellow is my favourite colour, it even deserves its own capital letter. I just love it and now that my hair isn't completely blonde I can get away with it more yay.  

I bagged these yellow trousers in the Zara sale the other day along with these shoes! I swear why shop in Zara any other time than the sale is beyond me. Their garments are beyond beautiful but seriously just wait for the sales as I got these trousers for £20 and the shoes for £15.99, could have cried when I spotted those bad boys. Leopard print is a secret love of mines, a guilty pleasure really, maybe its my inner chav. Either way most days I wish I could bathe in leopard print. Avoiding the cat slator look I opt for minimal touches on shoes and boots.

Sunglasses: Forever 21 £6.99
Shirt: H&M £18.99
Trousers: were £35.99 now £19.99
Shoes: were £39.99 now £15.99

These photos were taken 2 days ago when I went to see Ed Sheeran, soooooo good. If you guys can get the chance I highly recommend going to see him SING live, (see what I did there). I did actually change my top for the concert though as I did keep thinking how much yellow I was wearing. Slight banana man vibes. 

I have a shady shades problem! You can pick them up so cheap and there are so many styles...I feel like its Pokemon and I have to collect/catch em all. I actually don't have any reflective mirrored ones and have seen them on all the 'cool' people, so I jumped on the band wagon like the fashion sheep that I am. I couldn't decide if I wanted them in green or blue, but I opted for the blue ones and still think of that green pair I left alone, everyday. Every. Day. 

I am heading home to graduate tomorrow! I have been forced upon the adult life and I'm not happy about it. My next post will probably be a graduation one, so you've been warned....

Hope you guys have the bestest week ever, see you soon!


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Taking OOTD On Roads. Not Safe.

Hello everyone

Florals, florals, and more florals I know not exactly inspiring but, I feel like an absolute hero just putting clothes on during this volcanic heat wave London is enduring. Naturally I am a pale little lady so a ray of sun normally has me in a pool of sweat, every pore just destroyed. Sexy I know.  So right now putting clothing on is a struggle, I'm even starting to forgive that creepy old man that walks around all TAPS AFF, I get it now...

Either way in this 33 degree heat I decided to throw on this slightly granny dress from M&S where I snatched this dress for a mere £6.99. Yes £6.99 down from £58, thank you M&S customers who think polo necks are adventurous hence leaving the business no choice but to mark down this beauty. MORE. FOR. ME. 

I decided to walk around Chelsea and Sloane Square today which was as usual gorgeous and left me with many instagramable pictures. However during my fine travels we stopped by this cool looking juice place and dying of thirst we decided to pop in and get 2 sports juices, apples, passionfruit and mango sounds refreshing right? WRONG. £9.60 for a start. More than my dress. Then the juice separated in layers, pulp fell to the bottom, foam stayed at the job and seeds floated around galore. DIS.GUSTING. Moral of the story, just because its cool doesn't mean its good. Stick to subway.

But yeah moving on, London is soooooo pretty right now and after 5 days of being struck down with the plague I wanted to chuck on a floral dress, floppy hat and peep toe boots. I really like this look overall just make sure your boyfriend doesn't match you and wear head to toe pink too. I'm flattered really, but still. 

Hat: H&M £14.99
Headband: River Island £9.99
Dress: M&S £58 to £6.99
Belt: Primark £3
Boots: Next £35.99
Glasses: Primark £3
Choker: River Island £8

These boots are life right now, in this heat they are perfect and still give me toe coverage (for those feet haters) and give me my height too whoo hoo. Also props to all the brave souls who take blog pictures on roads. Genuinely nearly got run over 3x and my photographer has to practically lie on the road to capture my 5ft ness so he has even less time to make a mad bid to safety! 

Worth it tho.  

I finally finished GOT season 4 so now on to 5! No spoilers please. I am soo enjoying blogging right now and hope you guys are enjoying my posts again, until next time have an amazing weekend and week folks! 

See you,