Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beauty: Glam 'Everyday' Makeup

Hello everyone!

Apologies for not posting a beauty post in a while, being new to beauty blogging does kind of make things slower in terms of inspiration. This also comes hand in hand with comparing my blog to other amazing beauty blogs out there. Do not do this. 

Either way I decided to give it a bash and list below the details of the products I use on an everyday basis. Now when I say everyday, I mean those days I want to put all the makeup on in the world. I enjoy doing my makeup so putting all of these products on is fun to me, however it is time consuming so it is most definitely not done everyday. Oh how good it would be to have a makeup team...

Moisturiser: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: £70
Primer: Smashbox Hydrating and Illuminating Primer £24 each
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow and Mac Face and Body £32 and £22
Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear and Nars Creamy Radient £18 and £22
Undereye Highlighter: Mac Prep and Prime Light Boost £19
Contour: Smashbox contour sticks £32 and kat Von D contour kit $55
Bronzer: Bobbi Brown in medium £30
Highlight: Smashbox in Shimmer £24
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz £15 and Brow Gel Smashbox in Brow Tech £16
EyeShadow: Too Faced Palette in Natural eyes, shades Nudie, Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso $38
Liquid Liner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, shade black $25
Bottom Lash Liner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Bronze  £25
Mascara: Smashbox Full Exposure £19
Lashes: Eyelure Lashes in Cheryl £5.95
Lip liner: Mac Boldly Bare £15
Lipstick: Mac Myth £18 

Sorry some of the prices are in dollas but I bought some of these products in America, oh to live in America.  Also apologies for mad brows, I'm growing them out to be Cara D lol. AND my eyelash glue showing...

Hope this was useful in some way or another! 

See you xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fashion: Forevermodo Collab

Hi Everyone!

Why has it suddenly become BALTIC?!?! I am currently completely out of order and hugging my little pug water bottle with maryland cookies feeling well and truly sorry for myself. These photos are inspired by this gorgeous ribbed knitted vest I received from a brand called Forevermodo. This little rust number got me so excite about A/W along with all the shops bringing out the new winter stuff that I had to get out all my mustards, rusts and khakis. I am obsessed with this vest and already know I am going to be wearing ti with everything I own. Technically this top is a dress but it was faaaar too cold, if you fancy taking a little browse the link is here


I took these photos this afternoon just before a pub lunch, a necessity for gloomy days. This jacket has been my jacket of the summer I love it so much. As it is oversized I paired a tailored jacket underneath to add some extra layers of warmth, its khaki too which I looooove

Scarf: Boohoo £4
Jacket: Missguided £39.99
Blazer: ASOS £45.99
Vest: Forevermodo £17.99
Trousers: Forever21 £22
Boots: Missguided £35
Sunglasses: Forever21 £4.50

I have always been a fan of women suits and any kind of tailoring so when I seen these badass, slightly too long for me, pinstripe trousers from Forever21 I was alllll over them. It just makes me want to buy a matching blazer but I will refrain...for now. In the mean time the khaki blazer will have to suffice. As a life long lover of scarfs this little skinny scarf has been attached to my neck as soon as it entered my life. I love it. I also cannot wait until it gets really cold and I can buy one of those oversized blanket scarfs and snooze on the tube. 

Living the dream...

For the keen eyed of you out there you may have noticed I am still clutching onto sunnies. Well you can't say I'm not optimistic. 

I can't believe LFW is almost over. Whats worse is that I couldn't attend any of the days due to work commitments, adult life is sometimes poo. I really enjoyed some of the shows though, Burberry, Topshop Unique, Orla Kiely and Ashish were my favourite! 

Have an amazing week and keep safe :)



Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fashion: Suede Everything

Hello everyone!


Todays post is going to have to be a quick little one an with fewer pictures as today...was NOT my day. Every angle was hating me and normally I can pretend to be tall in photos, alas today I was ever so dumpy. So apologies for the general scowl I have on my face. I really am a cheery soul! 

This jacket is LIFE, I picked it up from my Forever 21 splurge and I haven't regretted it once, until yesterday I didn't realise its real leather, weird for Forever 21, and almost took it out in the rain, A big no no for suede. Not the most practical outer wear choice for London weather...Either way I have never been the biggest lover for pink, or pastels but these two combined make this little baby and I love it. <3<3. However do bear in mind it is a boxy shape so it can have that over sized feel to those who don't like that kind of look.


Scarf: Boohoo £4
Top: H&M £19.99
Jacket: Forever21 £42
Culottes: Boohoo £12.99
Boots: MissPap £30
Rings: H&M 50p

Also I have a feeling these gorgeous boots are going to be my A/W staple this year! I just love the khaki colour and the fringing. These are from my fave new brand Miss Pap and are called the Freya Tassel cut out boots. I think a good pair of shoes makes such a difference to an outfit especially when they are not black in colour. You can find these particular boots here. 

You may have noticed every blogger and their mum wearing one of these neckties... So I then had to buy one too. I think its super cute and brings a bit of 70s flair into my suede fringe outfit. Mines is from the lovely Boohoo and was such a bargain at £4, boom. 

I am so excited for LFW and cannot wait to see everyone's outfits, I am unsure if I am going to attend this year due to work commitments but hopefully I can pop on down at some point. I love a people watch. I cannot wait to see the streetstyle. Right I'm off, until next time...

See you!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fashion: MissPap Collaboration

Hello Everyone!


Hope you have all had the most fabulous of weekends and are enjoying the last of the summer weather. Calling it summer is so optimistic, I know. 

I have been so excited to get this post up as one of my go to brands Miss Pap offered to work with me and do a collab post to bring some trendy newness to my blog. This is a brand I have had my eye on for the past year as they offer amazing pieces at affordable prices, basically the dream. Their website is incredibly addictive and dangerous but I will strategically place it here. 

As everyone knows by now my colour palette has been of the minimal side so this gorgeous Carrie stone tailored sleeveless jacket was a must have for my wardrobe! It was only £19.99 and is one of those easy transitional pieces that you can wear with absolutely anything and go from summer, to autumn, to winter. I have been wearing this piece non stop as I basically love to layer it on its on or under jackets, it can just make a really simple casual outfit instantly smart. I love pieces that make you look like you've made an effort. If you would like to see this little beauty this link will take you directly there I'm sorry for any spending this may cause.

Sunglasses: Forever 21 £4.50
Sleeveless Jacket: MissPap £19.99
Lace Top: H&M £14.99
Mustard top: Forever 21 £16.99
Mustard Skirt: Forever 21 £22
Boots: Tesco £25
Rings: H&M 50p
Bag: MK £275

663A8263 663A8262 663A8278 663A8266

Today was spent in the usual Sunday fashion, chilling and exploring the area I live in. This also calls for blog photos, much to my boyfriends horror. He is actually incredibly patient as I make him take the 100th photo of a zip on my bag, he just had skills I do not have. Having someone take a photo of you is so massively different than taking a selfie. Believe me. My photography game is not strong. However I wanted to change up my mainly colourless wardrobe and make a splash of colour with this mustard get up. 

The top and skirt are two separate pieces from forever 21 and the lace top underneath is from H&M. I am in loooove with mustard always have, always will so this little two piece was a no brainer. As in London the weather is getting cooler I can't get away with these alone which is why the sleeveless jacket acts as the perfect cover up. 

663A8316 663A8323 663A8309 663A8236

Also side note I forgot to take the tags off as this is the story of my life...

The weather is still insanely gorgeous and I will most definitely be out getting the last rays while I still can avec Bens cookies and Made In Chelsea my two guilty pleasures! Also thanks so much to Tilly from TillyJayne for helping me out with my photo size, blogger does not make things easy and this girl SAVED MY LIFE. 

See you all soon!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Fashion: Winter is Coming

Hello everyone!


Is it too soon to say winter is coming? I've been saving that little title for some time now and I just have to let it be free. Either way it is definitely a lot chillier. Which only means one thing...roll necks. I was obsessed with them last year and it looks to continue throughout this year. This one I got in the Zara summer sale as I knew I would need it come winter time. Speaking of obsessions, this stone/white colour is all I am wearing recently, I love it. Loooove it. Also in the last post I bought some new culottes, as its getting colder now is it socially acceptable to pair them with tights? Girl needs info. 

Apologies for the mad moody stares, it was such a busy time and my usual awkward self couldn't handle all the weird looks and random hollers from passing drivers. One day the world will get blogging, until then I am that creep that poses on the streets. Cool. Plus side the area is actually pretty cute and a lot more scenic than back home. I was back in Aberdeen for the weekend and it was rainy, windy and miserable, thank the lord I have moved. It makes taking blog photos that bit easier. How there are any Scottish bloggers is beyond me. Those people brave all the elements. 



Hat: Boohoo £12
Roll Neck: Zara £19.99
Trousers: H&M £24.99
Boots: Tesco £25
Clutch: Zara (old)
Pouch bag: Aymee Charlton Designs* 
Rings: All H&M all 50p!!!


I have been the biggest die hard fan for trousers this year as you all know and these flared out white bad boys from H&M are no exception. They can even make me look slightly taller, a massive plus sign for any petite person. Even though I have been trying out pretty washed out minimalistic outfits of late I really want to get back into colour, pattern and stripes so watch this space!

No idea whats happened to the quality of these pictures! Perfect on the camera, fuzzy on blogger. Typical. Also hello to those linen trouser creases. 

This little pouch of cuteness was gifted to me by designer Aymee Charlton who has her own instagram: AYMEEJO and website so please check her out. Complete bunny and cat obsessed along with designing the most killer ethical clothing range around. Blogger Betty has been sporting her clothing in the recent stylist competition. 

I'm away to see Straight Outta Compton at the cinema tonight and my levels of excitement is through the. roof.  I have been listening to NWA since I was 15, great parenting as always. I am not their typical market fo sho, but something about their story, music and personality as a group GETS TO ME. I am definitely stripping out of this ensemble and putting something comfy for the cinema, girls loves to be comfy when eating treats and watching movies. 

I hope you all had a fabby weekend and I'll see you in my next post!

See yous