Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is That You Alice?

Hello all!

Man this week is killing me I'm pressuming all my fellow students out there are currently either a)living in the library, b) eating their weight in junk food whilst crying into a pile of pop tarts or c) past the point of caring and have adopted 'YOLO' as their life mantra.
Had my first exam this morning and THANK THE LORD the only two topics I revised came up hurrah! I also got a super cute 21st present from my favourite fashionista's hopefully it shall be poping up in a blog post tomorrow!
But as promised I wanted this post to be on the shoot I was on with PalomaViolet Photography you can check out her page here. The shoot was a really girlie, kitsh look on Alice in Wonderland, we wanted it to be located outside but typical british summer weather ruined it so when 'sneaked' into Winter Gardens. All clothing was provided by OUTFIT so check inside there if you want to get your hands on anypieces!
Hope you love the shots and I have some VERY exciting news but I can't even give a hint to it yet so you will just have to wait, muahahahaha.

So hopefully another post tomorrow as I have so much new pieces to show you all :)
See you soon.