Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hi everyone!

How are things since I've been missing which feels like 10u8356 years. Why there is a little 'u' in there I don't know but it highlights my distress. I miss blogging! I feel like it takes me away from uni and lets me do something more creative and also gives me an excuse to stop dressing like a homeless woman eating the scraps out of a Farmfoods bin... Moving on check this sweet ass suit out!

If you are devoid of all colour I recommend just plunging in with the biggest and brightest colour you can find. I feel like I have been in a bit of style neutral rut recently and with spring basically upon I decided to sack the neutrals and go all pink and red on the world. 

Now I know, I know pink AND red, Chloe are you fo reals? Hey why not suuuuuure I will probably regret it by next week but for now this Dr Love get up I am feeling

Blazer: ASOS £55
Trousers: ASOS £24
Shirt: Zara £40
Boots: Office £50
Bag: Michael Kors £250

Also if pink and red wasn't adventurous enough for me I decided to cheekily throw in a nice safe pattern like...leopard print hahaha! Go big or go home right, right?

So I may have went a little crazy on this outfit but I think it kinda works. Suits I have had an obsession over for years as you may have seen from the John Travolta esque one in a previous post. 

Sorry this one is so speedy, until next time!

See you! 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Poppy Red

Hello everyone!

Finally some sun is here and it is B.E.A.UUUUUUUUUTIFUL. Don't get me wrong its not warm, but its sunny which is the main thing here. 

Right now I am so into the up and coming trends as my old jumpers just aren't cutting it right now. So I was just doing my usual 7 hours of browsing on the ASOS site and boom I seen this dress. It is bold. But it is ggggorgeous! I haven't bought a new day time dress in ages and this one I just couldn't resist so now...its mines. In the summer time I plan to wear it with cute sunnies, black open toed boots and some lace socks. 

As it is not summer yet this bad boy suede guy here will do! This is by far the heaviest jacket I have ever bought in my life, its real suede which is the shizz but it means for my frame it can be quite bulky and very rigid so my walk is even slower than usual due to the weight. Worth it. 

Jacket: Beyond Retro £65
Dress: ASOS £40

I was having a really un-photogenic day so apologies for the facial expressions and lack of shoes, bag etc. This outfit is pretty loud anyway so I wouldn't be wearing any crazy footwear today. 

Just a super quick post today as uni work is calling my name and even doing a blog post is pure guilt. Procrastination why you do this to meeeeeeeeeee.

Have a fabby week guys!