Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What Is This? I'm Wearing Jeans...Say Whaaaa?

Hello all!
Hope your week is going by fast so that you can be unleashed at the weekend buddies. Mine is super fast and I cannot believe I'm journeying on the train tomorrow at 6.30am. Puke. Way too early man. However Stirling here I come, I'm so excited to check out what Stirling has to offer!
THE SALES ARE NOW AND TRUELY ON. Yet I am not paid, sad times, I always stare in amazement when I see people still surviving during the last week of the month. At this stage I'm practically begging on the streets.
So If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed I had a cheeky trip to Blackpool with the family. I know its meant to be really tacky etc but I seriously love it! Like everything is exactly the same since the 60s or something. Plus its all old people which is seriously cute, especially when you see them all holding hands. I'm a sucker for oldies.  I even braved myself to go up the tower which I was immensly proud of...until my dad forced me into the glass wall bit and squished my face onto it. Lovely image for fellow tourists. I also made a new friend my the name of Bernie the duck, I seriously tried to take him home with me. Oh and lastly it was 26 degrees!
Blazer: Topshop £50
Top: Missguided £14.99
Jeans: River Island £45 Sale £25
Heels: Primark £12
Hat: Topshop £25
Sunglasses: Next £16
Rings: All H&M £4.99
Now I know this is crazy but I am actually wearing jeans here. I know shock right. I normally hate jeans because I hate the fabric, I just always feel like its really rough on my skin PLUS everyone wears denim jeans and it can get boring. Now I'm not sure if I suit these but the boyfriend fit on them is so comfy and the ripped denim lets of a really laid back feel. So out of my comfort zone I go.
The next part I have to say is how amazeballs is this white blazer from Topshop, AH! I love it I have wanted to have one for ages, I also wanted to wear it naked underneath but I dont think that is happening anytime soon, I ain't brave enough for that yet, ask me when I'm 60.
The top I have on is from Missguided which has to be one of my favourite brands, they get a lot of stick about customer service but I have had nothing but great service from them, and if anything goes wrong they are quick to sort it out plus give out a discount. Check out their new stock here.
Last thing before I go is I HAVE A SUNGLASSES OBSESSION help me...
Hopefully there is more sun for you guys!
P.s Sorry for looking so pouty and moody ahaha.
See you soon.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sales Ruin My Life...

Hellooo all!
Another week another story, so I actually got INTO BUSINESS BOOTCAMP!!!! You are now offically looking at the new entrepreneur from Aberdream. However slight slight slight catch, I am the least professional person around. Handshakes? what handshakes, I like hugs. Business language? What business language, I prefer slang and jokes. Suits? What suits, I prefer onesies or the occasionally mad dive into a fancy dress shop. This venture may eat me up as the presentation, proposals and conferencing I am expected to do may kill me, nevertheless you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus if they read my application they will already be prepared for the nut that I am.
MOoooooving on, I have been very bad and have been spending like a crazy mofo recently probably for the lack of festivals and holidays I am getting this year :(. Working in retail does not help either, I seen this maxi ages ago from Miss Selfridge and loved it so much that I bought it, BUT THE BIGGEST FEAR OF ALL HAPPENED...it went into sale. This always happens to me and it is one of the biggest pains of my life. Now its only £25 wahhhhhhhh...I hate sales as an addict my pain is re lived as I see all my purchases slashed. From bad to good however is this cami top from Topshop normally leopard print ain't my thaaang but this is YELLOW!!! It was selling out super quick so I snatched up one quick and now I love it and I may even clash it with other pieces in the future.
Jacket: River Island £65
Lace Maxi Dress: Miss Selfridge was £47 now £25 :(
Cami Top: Topshop £25
Heels: Next £35
Bag: River Island £16
Belt: Zara £19.99
Necklace: New Look £6.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
This is my D'Jango jacket I have been wanting to show you all for ages. I LOVE IT. It barely comes off my back, I feel at 5.1ft you need clothes to make your life that little bit more badass. I'm also thinking about getting a motorbike but thats a different story.
It finally feels like summer now doesn't it? I just can't wait to spend the summer days having picnics, high teas, wild nights out, traveling with my besties, whilst finding cute stuff to buy for you guys. Tell me about what you are doing this summer in the comments below :D.
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See you soon buddies :)