Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hello everybody!
Now these pictures are slightly outdated as this was taken on the Friday of last week before all this weather madness appeared and it was just mid heatwave. Not going to lie I was hoping the mad thunder last night would clear the fog away but it hasn't. Fog is the worst, makes me feel so bleh. I must admit I AM THE BIGGEST WIMP EVER. Stayed up until about 2am last night as the thunder was sooooooo bad, I always make up mad senarios like its the end of the world or that the lightning is going to come through my roof or aliens are coming. Crazy I know but my poor brain is busy making plans for each disaster haha. All I wanted was sleep...
Weather aside I'm so happy as I have just booked my plane tickets to LONDON TOWN in september for some work with Saunt & Sinner and LFW. I'm so excited I might just pee myself. So much adventures will be made, hopefully I can stalk some of my favourite bloggers too!
Kimono: River Island was £45 now £15
Bralet: Topshop £28
Dress (worn as skirt): Miss Selfridge £32
Heels: Next £25
Bag: Zara was £49.99 now £39.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
Necklace: New look £8
Bracelet: H&M £4.99
So basically this year I majorly missed out on the festival vibe, totally gutted I never booked anything as I've basically bought the wardrobe for it and just visioned I was there in spirit as I work in my part time retail job. Puke. But I found this absolute BEAUTY of a bargain in the River Island sale the other day, I love love love kimonos, they are completely gorgeous and I have had my eye on this one previously I just couldn't afford to give £45 over for something so 'fancy dress'. Fate made it happen and I got this for only £15 and in my favourite colour yellow too. The world loved me that day.
I am still loving that Zara bag, told you I would literally wear it everyday and these glasses have pretty much been glued to my eyes whilst this summer melt a thon has been happening. Squinty eyes is not a good look. I must admit this bralet and skirt combo was a complete diaster, the skirt is actually a dress but it was too hot to wear it so I decided to tie the sleeves in a bow at the front then chuck on this bralet, however as you can tell I got this top when I was a bout 16 maybe and the boobies obviously hadn't grown fully but my oh my they are practically bursting out so walking in down with the mother that day was an interesting one. Yay.
Well I hope you guys all had thunder buddies with yous and are loving this mad weather we are having,
see you lot soon!
P.s cannot believe they didn't call the baby Corneilious. What a waste.

Friday, 19 July 2013

I Wanna Be A Pink Lady

Hello everyone!
So remember how I said I hated pink....not so much now. So recently because I had a mad haul in Primark, you can tell its the end of the month can't you, I found this dress. Now the colour put me off to begin with but the fit and cut is AMAZING! Plus its the perfect lightweight material I need in this weather. My body does not cope well in this heat no matter how exotic I think I am. I actually had a dream the other night that I was a mermaid just so that I could be cool under water. WHY WE HAVE NO AIRCON?!?!?! Okay so I have gone on a slight tangent here, back to zee dress. 1. its ace, 2. get it and 3. its £13. Also florals will never be out of trend in summer, 'Florals, for summer? Groundbreaking.'
Now I have to mention the hair, this is either a love or hate it style, its rather 90s but tbh it really is for practical reasons I need my LONG fringe away from my face in this weather but I like my hair down. Not interesting is it?
I went to see Monsters University the other day, I have been a Disney fan since I was 5, literally based my entire values upon those films so I had to see it! Was not thankfully disappointed, there was not a moment where I wasn't laughing harder than any of the kids in the cinema. I'm proud of this.
Shirt: Primark £13
Dress: Primark £13
Necklace: Wallis £15
Belt: Zara £19.99
Sunglasses: Outfit £8
Heels: Next £25
Bag: Forever 21 £14.99
This outfit is insanely girlie so sorry if you are feeling pukey with it!
I wore this outfit just for a celebratory lunch with my sister and mum as we were congratulating her on her new job. Which reminds me I have some BIG BIG BIG exciting stuff happening in sept, that I shall share later ;).
All I can say really is , wear yo suncream, put on anti-perspirant, eat icecream and get NAKED!
Enjoy the weather folks!

Friday, 12 July 2013

I Feel I Should Have Had A Whippy Today...

Hello everyone!
AHHHHHH, how amazing is this weather? I have had the best day today, my sister has come up from the Scottish boarders to visit so that meant one thing....crazy golf championships. I NAILED IT! In a competitive family this is a BIG deal.
Also had a wee cheeky lunch by the beach, one of Aberdeen's only plus feature is its beach, it is really nice to see the sea whenever you want. EXCEPT the rabid seaguls that try and eat your face. No joke it thought my nose was a chip. Well I was using the chip as a tashe, table manners 10/10.
Shirt: Primark £10
Dress (worn as skirt): £45
Belt: Zara £19.99
Shoes: River Island £55
Bag: Zara £39.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
So I went on a mad Primark spree the other day, I'm not usually a mad Primark fan but atm its doing so good and super cheap. This 60s style Grease shirt was only a tenner! Plus you know how much I love a collar. I've also been loving the 90s feel hence this mad half pony tail thats lying on my face, but it keeps my hair away which is a plus on a hot day. Lastly I got a dress in there for £5, how cray cray also its tweed so sturdy material too.
I think blue looks good on blonde hair, I never wear pink as I literally look 5 years old and a barbie in one... so a 6 year old slut basically. Not a great look. Also for some reason this weather is making me listen to Nelly (Plaster era) why???
See you soon buddies :)