Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Florals For Summer...Groundbreaking

Hello all!
How have you all been this past week? Hopefully its been a good one. So basically I've had yet another mad week, I won the Missguided #iammissguided competition SO over the moon it was unreal. Plus I got a cheeky £50 voucher to spend and I will have to let you all know what pretty things I got. So because of that I've decided to dedicate this look to Missguided as everything I'm wearing is more or less from there. Also if you voting for me in the competition THANK YOU x1000000, it was so flattering.
But enough rambling on, I have planned myself a rather busy month, good one Chloe, I love being lazy. hopefully I will be back working with my previous placement for 3 weeks before their big collection reveal on 6th of September down at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, defo come if you can make it! Plus say hi if you see me :).
Plus I am planning on going down to LFW to represent them and have a wee nosy at all the exciting things that are happening around that time. Don't talk to me about outfits as I have nooooooo clue. Normally I plan these things but I can tell this year it will be a mad dash.
PLUS I also have a possible new adventure coming up but its still in the pipeline so I'll have to wait first. So yeah, Aug/Sept will be busy haha.
Kimono: Missguided £24.99
Top: Missguided £14.99
Skirt: Actually a dress Missguided £19.99
Belt: New Look £8.99
Clutch: Ebay £13.99
Heels: Next £25
Necklace: Topshop £14
Sunglasses: Primark £1
I literaly cannot wait for the new season trends coming out,a lot are just new developments on last year trends which is a bit disapointing but my favourites are for sure going to be punk, checks/tartan, and maybe the whole country look. One thing is for sure I hate the candy hues, blergh does nothing for me. Even though I have given it a slight nod to my ends now being pink, tell me if you guys like it, I'm still unsure :/.
One more thing, do you guys want to see me have my outfits photographed else where in different places or do you like the same set up each time :)?
Its a super nice day out and I'm off work for once so I'm going to run outside and play like a kid!
see you all soon.
p.s If you fancy seeing what I wore to win follow me on instagram at chloejade_28 and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin :).

Monday, 5 August 2013

I Was Born In A Flower

Hello everyone!
I have just realised now how wrong my title is....however I cannot be assed changing it so it will have to remain. Moving very quickly on, how are you all? This summer so far has been great but already I am getting very bored, I am one of those people that constantly needs projects or else I feel a little useless :/. Or I just eat. Pretty sure I help keep Jaffa cakes going.
My clothing obsession has currently taken over my life. For real this time. I have now started budgeting so that I survive through the entire month and this week I spent the whole budget on clothes so I will not have a social life for the next week. Smart Chloe. Smart. Least I will have a pretty new delivery soon :D.
I must admit I am getting pretty sick of the high street, I love the fact you can see and touch the clothing compared to online stores, but nothing is original or HELL YEAH YOU GOTTA GET THIS. I am starting to majorly convert to spending all my clothes money online, which sucks because I can't try any of it on. Plus I'm an optimistic and always buy a size 8, then sigh in disgust as it doesn't fit, obviously. I will learn. I will.
So I decided to pay homage to the great weather we have been having and wear an entirely floral outfit. Why not. I wasn't sure if the camera would be able to pick up on all the prints that are going on but it does the job. I actually love this outfit even if it is a little out there. The one thing I would change is I really really really want one of those Grafea ruck sacks in white, so I think this outfit would look better if I had one. Check out their site here, at your own risk.
Bomber Jacket: H&M £29.99
Shirt: Warehouse £45
Trousers: H&M £17.99 (I think)
Heels: Primark £12
Clutch: New Look £19.99
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins £25
Oh, I've entered the #iammissguided competition so please vote for me on instagram :), my name is chloejade_28 and its me wearing this outfit but the one where I am sitting down. MUCH APPRECIATED. I think if you win you get £250 in vouchers. wow.
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Hope you guys are keeping cool out there.
See yas