Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fashion: Sunday Baggy Culottes

Hello everyone

As it is a Sunday, the day of food and rest I have justified putting on these super comfy, roomy and tent like pair of culottes so that I can feast merrily. The weather in London has been pretty temperamental so although its still muggy its pretty dull so apologies for the lack of vibrancy in these shots. London just doesn't understand my love for sun. Side note this shoot is shot with a different camera so I hope you enjoy the new quality whey hey! 

I was never really one to hop on the whole trend wagon recently and have tried to buy items that have great cuts to them, are timeless or have some time of unique feature that will make them forever on trend and not just a fad. However I succumbed to the culotte trend. I have been obsessed with trousers this summer due to the ease of generally throwing them on. After wearing skirts and shorts for soooooo long my hatred of tights has become very very very real. With this being said the biggest trend for trousers/shorts has been the culotte yet I wasn't entirely sure to wear this trend due to me being a good old size of 5,1. With this in mind I still loved how they looked on other people and bought a super inexpensive pair from Boohoo and I haven't looked back. They are seriously comfortable and look pretty good on for how much I paid. 

Sunglasses: Primark £4
Jacket: Bloggers Market £15
Vest: Karen Millen £45
Bralet: Topshop £22
Culottes: Boohoo £12
Sandals: New Look £24.99
Watch: Fossil £99
Bracelet: H&M £7.99

I think I maaaay need to grab a pair in black too as the downfall of wearing white trousers is that you need to wear white underwear and I am never that organised with life. Boohoo have actually been really impressing me lately with the quality of their clothing. They have come a long way from tissue paper dresses. 

As for this jacket...£15. Yes £15. I was so chuffed when I spotted it at the bloggers market last weekend. Thank you Dunya, she runs the blog for Dearest Dear. I love how its a boxy fit with a very rigid structure so it gives that super oversized feel without drowning me. It also has a faux snakeskin effect embossed over the leather which I appreciate very much. I have so many faux leather jackets now its getting ridiculous but I genuinely feel that I need them all. They are all so different and all sit differently on too. I know I will have made it in life when I can buy a real leather bad boy of dreams from All Saints....

Anyways its a Sunday evening and my beautiful housemate Cat is cooking us dinner of Chocolate Chilli and I can't be late even for a second with boys for housemates. Its the Hunger Games just trying to get yourself a portion. I hope you all have the best rest of the bank holiday weekend ever and I will post soon.

See yous


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Beauty: Hugo Boss Runway Edition Collection

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing absolutely fabulous and are super hyped about the bank holiday weekend. I feel like every week should be a bank holiday weekend, we need that extra day. So this post is going to be another beauty post! This time I wanted to introduce and test out these Hugo Boss Runway Edition eau de parfum which is perfect as they are the ultimate fashionista perfume set. Yes I just used the word 'fashionista', never again. 

Whats cute about this little trio is that you have 3 different scents dependent on your look, so there is a night time one for a more sexy evening outfit, a day time scent for a casual look and then one that is perfect for that in between stage aka 'smart casual'. Hugo Boss has always been one of my go to brands if I want a fragrance that is going to last on me from morning until night and its great that these are tailored to your mood, outfit and feel. 

Hugo Boss Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 

Limited Edition Runway Collection Eau De Parfum still contains the same famous signature fragrance as the original. However the bottle and box features a limited edition design inspired by the amazing Jason Wu's Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter 2014 debut at NYFW. Cactus Blossom is the main top note, with strong heart notes of romantic rose floral tones combined with the twist of Cedarwood as the base. 

Lipstick: MAC Blankety

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 

This beauty was designed to add the essential finishing touch before your big night out. Roughly speaking scents include sensual florals such as violet and jasmine to create a feminine aura, white peach combined top notes. The fresh scent of the white peach, feminine jasmine, white flowers bouquet and violet adds a sensual softness. The base notes to this include a rich, indulgent sandalwood to help keep the scent mature yet flirty. This is my FAVOURITE.

Lipstick: Mac Russian Red

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 

Lastly the day time scent is based around a citrusy summer fragrance. Paired alongside light crisp floral tones with base notes of musky earthy tones to keep the fragrance bold enough to last all day and be recognised without being overpowering.  

Lipstick: MAC Coral Bliss

 going to last on me from morning until night and its great that these are tailored to your mood, outfit and feel. Personally I always like to match my clothes, makeup, hair and even scent to how I am feeling and where I am going. So in these pictures I have included a really quick inspiration guide into what shade of lipstick I think would be the perfect combination for each scent, I think scent is such an important part to any girls wardrobe and can really define you as a person. No one likes BO. Just sayin. And with that important life lesson I will leave you lovely lot. 

See yous

Remember to use #BOSSRUNWAYEDITION to let me see which one you picked :)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Fashion: The Last of the Floral Dress

Hello everyone!

How was everyones amazing weekend? How good was the weather? Like seriously the heat was almost unbearable at one point. London tubes were definitely not built for hot weather. I took my notepad/fan out and the looks of jealousy were real. Seeing as this last weekend of summer had arrived I wanted to take full advantage of it and get the legs out with the brightest floral dress I could find. 

I adore red, I think it is an absolutely beautiful colour and can really work if you are deathly pale like myself. Lets observe those Casper legs. I swear white sheets of paper look more tanned! I also teamed it with these bright blue socks that some people may appreciate and others not...But I thought it was a fun little twist to the outfit. 

Dress: ASOS £40
Boots: Next £35
Socks: Topshop £8

I opted to keep this outfit pretty simple as even in this dress I was boiling! I attended the Bloggers Market at the Hoxton hotel this weekend which was something so fun and different to do. The girls who organised it did really well and we were treated to sushi, Krispy Kreme donuts and Appletiser drinks. WIN. The donuts I must admit were the highlight, how can you stop at one??? It was great to see the blogger's boyfriends stepping in and helping out too I thought that was really cute to see! I managed to pick up a few little things including a shirt from Olivia for £4, couldn't be happier. 

I need suggestions on good vintage markets/thrift shops to browse in as I am so bored with the shops right now if you have any ideas please comment below it would help me out loads!! Also apologies for the hair blowing every where in these photos, BLOGGER PROBLEMS. It is currently pouring down with rain so uploading these sunny photos from only days ago feels so weird. Oh Britain why are you so temperamental? 

See you soon! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Fashion: Huns and Crossovers

Hello everyone!

Another post...I know. This week I have been on fire. I think its to do with my severe lack of inspiration coming to an end hurrah. Todays outfit was mostly inspired by the 'hun' a half up bun. This is definitely the lazy/indecisive girls hair do. Its super easy to do and requires minimal effort but still looks like you have at least tried. This also meant the rest of my outfit would require the same lazy input. Shame.

Hence the simple denim skirt, white shirt and duster combo. I have seen this style of top EVERYWHERE and always wanted one but I can never find one that doesn't go toooooo low down, as I can't get away without wearing a bra. To have small boobs.... This was until I seen this 'dress' now top in H&M for only £9.99. Yes a tenner for a dress it was a beautiful moment. I have honestly got so much use out of this dress as I wear it as a top constantly even if the puffy sleeves do leave a Pride and Prejudice/ Colin Firth vibe to them. 

I have obviously been obsessed with denim and this skirt is no exception I especially love the buttons all down the front that actually fasten and are not just for decoration, bonus. Its the perfect length too as its not too short or crazy long for a short person like moi. I also had to attach my little pom pom that I am scarily possessive over. I consistently try and incorporate it into all my outfits, it needs me...

Duster: Urban Outfitters $19.99
Top (dress): H&M £9.99
Skirt: New Look £19.99
Pom: Primark £2
Shoes: Primark £15
Sunglasses: Forever 21 £4.99

I have been trying to embrace my pale skin for some time now as I have hit a brick wall with self tan. I have tried every single one and they all do not last near long enough for the effort you put in applying them. Plus you only get about 2 days max of nice tan, the rest is either too pale or beginning to fade into scaly uglyness. Hence the pale pins.  Also the camera sometimes makes me look orange. Its funny like that. Life tests me.

When I was travelling through east coast America I stalked down the Urban Outfitters there as you do and found this amazing duster coat in the sale for $19.99. I could have cried. It is made of the most gorgeous light weight fabric and I can team it with anything if I want it to look pretty minimal. The weather was pretty scorching today so we ended up just walking around parks and rivers which was lovely!

Im heading to the bloggers market tomorrow so let me know if any of you guys are going!

See you soon 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Beauty: My Top Three Current Fave Foundations

Hello everyone!

Right blogger warning straight away! This top three foundation review will contain graphic and CLOSE UP images of my face, flaws and imperfections. In order for you lovely people to see the foundation in its full glory I decided to whip out the big old camera and take up close and personal pictures of my skin wearing the foundation. This means my trusty spots, hair and oil is all on display. Lovely. 

I was a bit skeptical about uploading this pictures onto this blog where it could be ripped to shreds but hey lets just embrace these flaws and recognise the genius power of the foundation trying its hardest to disguise them. Lord bless me with the strength...

Foundation in my personal option is something that sets the base of your face and is the MOST important part in wanting that natural yet Beyonce flawless finish. It is the one product I would say is worth splashing that dolla on. I have split my top 3 in categories of best for pale skin, BB and all time best. 


1) To my fair babies! 

Being a fair/PASTY skinned girl myself I understand that this does not always come with that porcelain model esque perfect skin. Instead it means I have practically translucent skin that shows up every single freckle, spot, redness and vein EVER. Even imaginary ones, I swear! 

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation, (shade 2 Sand) this little cheeky number understands my pain and offers me full coverage without looking mask like. YAS. It even has an SPF 15 which is perfect for those wrinkle worriers like moi.  It lets your skin breathe while still lasting all day and never casts any yellow/pink tones that many pale shades create. Its medium to full coverage and is oil free too whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Basically your best friend. 

2) To my Natural Beauties! 

Now full coverage may not be to everyone's taste, some may have amazing skin and other like me need something quick and simple, yet effective. This is perfect for lazy days. A BB cream is a light weight foundation/tinted moisturiser that should even out skin tone and hide blemishes. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB, (shade Intensity 3.0) this is perfection as it is a lightweight super fluid foundation/BB cream that has a super high SPF of 30 which is so useful when on holidays which is when I usually take this bad boy. This instantly perfects the skin tone and vibrancy. The soft optics within the formulation impart clear, bright tone and lustre to the skin for a flawless healthy glow. Added benefits include up to 8 hours long wear and Vitamin E + C.  On my own personal recommendation the colour selection for this is slightly poorer than most so this is definitely a holiday buy!  

3) My All Time Lover  

This has genuinely been my entire teenage/adult life quest to find the perfect foundation that blends like a dream, offers build-able coverage, hides blemishes, evens skin tone, is lightweight and hydrating, no flashback and gives that dewy healthy skin radiance. VOILA, let me introduce to you the most perfect foundation to grace the world.  

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, (shade Sante Fe Medium 2). This little number has a lot of hype on beauty blogs and Youtubes everywhere and for a good reason. This beauty is the BUSINESS. I want a truck load delivered to me now and I would never wear anything ever again. Except this foundation is a nightmare to get hold of. Everyone knows how amazing it is and it runs out of stock ALL. THE. TIME. Which is emotionally destructive to me. Unfortunately for you guys I have taken severe closeups of my skin with the foundation on so you can see it in all its marvel. See warning in Intro. 

Here goes...

Yep they were close up. That oily nose, and pimple prone skin oh and did you catch the facial hairs?As you can see I don't wear heavy coverage unless I am going out out so for the day I like to keep it pretty fresh. This means my natural oils, freckles and blemishes may come through. However the Nars foundation seriously reduces this in the most natural way possible whilst making my skin look super glowy.  It is worth mentioning as this foundation is build-able I wear it going out out too as this can go seriously full coverage.

Next post will be back to fashion I am still working on a schedule for balancing my beauty and fashion. I will keep you guys posted :). 

See you soon!