Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fashion: Jeans and Easy Tailoring

Hello everyone,

Hope you had the best week ever, I've sure had a busy one so this weekend was much needed. On Saturday we took a stroll around High Street Kensington then through Holland Park. Now if you've never been to High Street Kensington make sure you do, the houses around there are absolute home goals. 

Whats more Saturday had major 'spring vibes' with super squeeky clean white houses with colourful doors and blossoming trees! The perfect backdrop for some quick ootd's. With the slow and I mean slow start of Spring it finally allows us all a little more space to put down the faithful winter coat. I love you coat but by God I am so over wearing duffle, shearling and wool. This is why I am obsessed with blazers right now, I've managed to rack up a grey, black, white and pink one. Yes seriously. However this Mango navy and pinstripe one is my ultimate. 

Its the most perfect shape and the structuring is so comfortable to wear and super flattering with all outfits. For work I love to match it up with pinstripe navy trousers and at weekends this begs for some denim attention. Denim has been everywhere this winter and its not going to stop for spring either. Two tone denim has really caught my eye recently in all shades of denim and looks great on all figures. You get extra bonus points if the hems are frayed too. I know the golden rule is to never mix navy with black but I love how the jeans and the blazer work so separately. 

Shirt: Mango £34.99
Blazer: Mango £20
Jeans: Zara £39.99
Boots: Mango £79.99
Sunglasses: Ray Ban £125
Bag: Whistles £125 

I also have gone a little crazy in Mango recently, I mean who knew. Give it 3 years ago and I wouldn't even bat an eyelid now its right up there with Zara and Topshop. They have such amazing pieces including this gorgeous black silky flared sleeve shirt. Its barely been off my back and is the perfect statement shirt to wear at any occasion because although its printed the muted colours keep it very 'safe'. 

I've also been switching up my bag recently, trying to declutter all the 'junk' that I usually carry around in my shopper bag. Its amazing how much a girl can carry around on a daily basis that is so unnecessary, my vice is tissues and receipts, why oh why do I need about 7 packets and 15 receipts all stuffed at the bottom. However this Whistles clutch bag is the perfect size to carry all my essentials without giving me room to stuff all the crap in there. 

Hope this week coming up is good to you!
Lots of love,


  1. Looking stunning babe! Love the blazer, Mango is fab these days isn't it! xx

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