Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Life As an Intern

Hello all!

Me and the fashion design intern Rebecca Riddick.
I am writing this currently coming out of an illness coma, I'm pretty sure the alcohol consumed the night before has definately got nothing to do with it.

Crazy, I know on a school night.

So this weeks post is on my AMAZEBALLS placement I had at Glasgow based fashion label Saunt & Sinner. I worked there for 8 weeks and its made me so motivated to grab every opportunity, so hopefully this year I'll have loads of little projects planned. Nothing worse than when your in a motivational slump.

Basically I was their PR/Marketing intern but I got so much experience in other fields too, I got to brush up on my styling skills, make up artistry, assisting on locational and look book shoots and even some sewing. Why they gave me a needle, I'll never know. I find buttons challenging.

My normal task list would be to get in for 10am, read over last nights emails, respond to them. Check over all social networking platforms and keep them updated. Sort out any contacts. Make calls. Post office trips, picking up of fabrics. Organise weekly plan list to make sure things got done before the big dates.

So we had tons of models to organise, collect inspirations for shoots then make them into moodboards. Aid with fittings and making a model profile folder.  file and sort out press pack. Plenty of locational shoots for the setting of a fashion film. Promoting the new collection, meetings with branding companies.  THEN tons of planning for the launch night that was revealing our fashion film and giving a preview of our latest collection in a flash show.

 Tips On What Not To Do On Placement
  • Treat your bosses like your BEST FRIENDS
  • Show up hungover in lasts nights hair and make up
  • Have massive tantrums about there being a lack of soup in Glasgow's bakerys
  • Let your bosses record you doing the latest new dance craze, Slug life.
  • Wear neon, EVERYDAY
  • Do your bosses makeup in under 6 minutes. More is More.
  • Show everyone 'Inappropriate' youtube videos.
  • Be yourself, now I mean your 'leave that joke at home' self.
  • Dont stand in Glasgow holding a naked mannequin, a tall stick and a bin bag.
  • Dont wake up next to your boss and allow them to see your hyper morning behaviour. (Shes female, and its not what it sounds like).
  • Dont get up at 9.45 everyday when your in for 10.
  • Get an insane Caffeine high, go crazy, then puke.
Avoid that list and your pretty much sorted.

The launch night was amazing, it was held at the Corinthian and the whole place was decorated to reflect the collection. The collection is inspired by the dark side of innocence, so think creepy kids and you've got it. So we hung china dolls by their necks each wearing mini Saunt & Sinner garments. There were candles everywhere and mini displays of product, packaging and inspiration artwork.

Not going to lie the show went brilliant and everyone loved the collection but getting models dressed and ready to go before the runway is THE MOST STRESSFUL THING.

So once the show was over the film was played and I shall give you a link to go watch it here, DEF WATCH IT, its incredible. Then some mingling was in order with everyone that showed up and a well deserved drink or two (x15) was earned. I realise now this post makes me sound like a psychotic alcoholic. Ah well.

I'll leave links to their facebook, twitter and other interesting press things if you fancy being nosey.

This is a lot longer than I thought... So with that see you all soon!

Photos by Jumeau Photgraphy.

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