Saturday, 4 July 2015

Taking OOTD On Roads. Not Safe.

Hello everyone

Florals, florals, and more florals I know not exactly inspiring but, I feel like an absolute hero just putting clothes on during this volcanic heat wave London is enduring. Naturally I am a pale little lady so a ray of sun normally has me in a pool of sweat, every pore just destroyed. Sexy I know.  So right now putting clothing on is a struggle, I'm even starting to forgive that creepy old man that walks around all TAPS AFF, I get it now...

Either way in this 33 degree heat I decided to throw on this slightly granny dress from M&S where I snatched this dress for a mere £6.99. Yes £6.99 down from £58, thank you M&S customers who think polo necks are adventurous hence leaving the business no choice but to mark down this beauty. MORE. FOR. ME. 

I decided to walk around Chelsea and Sloane Square today which was as usual gorgeous and left me with many instagramable pictures. However during my fine travels we stopped by this cool looking juice place and dying of thirst we decided to pop in and get 2 sports juices, apples, passionfruit and mango sounds refreshing right? WRONG. £9.60 for a start. More than my dress. Then the juice separated in layers, pulp fell to the bottom, foam stayed at the job and seeds floated around galore. DIS.GUSTING. Moral of the story, just because its cool doesn't mean its good. Stick to subway.

But yeah moving on, London is soooooo pretty right now and after 5 days of being struck down with the plague I wanted to chuck on a floral dress, floppy hat and peep toe boots. I really like this look overall just make sure your boyfriend doesn't match you and wear head to toe pink too. I'm flattered really, but still. 

Hat: H&M £14.99
Headband: River Island £9.99
Dress: M&S £58 to £6.99
Belt: Primark £3
Boots: Next £35.99
Glasses: Primark £3
Choker: River Island £8

These boots are life right now, in this heat they are perfect and still give me toe coverage (for those feet haters) and give me my height too whoo hoo. Also props to all the brave souls who take blog pictures on roads. Genuinely nearly got run over 3x and my photographer has to practically lie on the road to capture my 5ft ness so he has even less time to make a mad bid to safety! 

Worth it tho.  

I finally finished GOT season 4 so now on to 5! No spoilers please. I am soo enjoying blogging right now and hope you guys are enjoying my posts again, until next time have an amazing weekend and week folks! 

See you,


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