Friday, 19 July 2013

I Wanna Be A Pink Lady

Hello everyone!
So remember how I said I hated pink....not so much now. So recently because I had a mad haul in Primark, you can tell its the end of the month can't you, I found this dress. Now the colour put me off to begin with but the fit and cut is AMAZING! Plus its the perfect lightweight material I need in this weather. My body does not cope well in this heat no matter how exotic I think I am. I actually had a dream the other night that I was a mermaid just so that I could be cool under water. WHY WE HAVE NO AIRCON?!?!?! Okay so I have gone on a slight tangent here, back to zee dress. 1. its ace, 2. get it and 3. its £13. Also florals will never be out of trend in summer, 'Florals, for summer? Groundbreaking.'
Now I have to mention the hair, this is either a love or hate it style, its rather 90s but tbh it really is for practical reasons I need my LONG fringe away from my face in this weather but I like my hair down. Not interesting is it?
I went to see Monsters University the other day, I have been a Disney fan since I was 5, literally based my entire values upon those films so I had to see it! Was not thankfully disappointed, there was not a moment where I wasn't laughing harder than any of the kids in the cinema. I'm proud of this.
Shirt: Primark £13
Dress: Primark £13
Necklace: Wallis £15
Belt: Zara £19.99
Sunglasses: Outfit £8
Heels: Next £25
Bag: Forever 21 £14.99
This outfit is insanely girlie so sorry if you are feeling pukey with it!
I wore this outfit just for a celebratory lunch with my sister and mum as we were congratulating her on her new job. Which reminds me I have some BIG BIG BIG exciting stuff happening in sept, that I shall share later ;).
All I can say really is , wear yo suncream, put on anti-perspirant, eat icecream and get NAKED!
Enjoy the weather folks!


  1. Loving this primark dress
    Such a gorgeous colour
    S xx

  2. I love look great
    Just started blogging, please check out my blog too

    Bea x

    1. Hi Bea!

      Aww thank you VERY much.
      Your blog is looking great, keep at it girl :D