Friday, 12 July 2013

I Feel I Should Have Had A Whippy Today...

Hello everyone!
AHHHHHH, how amazing is this weather? I have had the best day today, my sister has come up from the Scottish boarders to visit so that meant one thing....crazy golf championships. I NAILED IT! In a competitive family this is a BIG deal.
Also had a wee cheeky lunch by the beach, one of Aberdeen's only plus feature is its beach, it is really nice to see the sea whenever you want. EXCEPT the rabid seaguls that try and eat your face. No joke it thought my nose was a chip. Well I was using the chip as a tashe, table manners 10/10.
Shirt: Primark £10
Dress (worn as skirt): £45
Belt: Zara £19.99
Shoes: River Island £55
Bag: Zara £39.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
So I went on a mad Primark spree the other day, I'm not usually a mad Primark fan but atm its doing so good and super cheap. This 60s style Grease shirt was only a tenner! Plus you know how much I love a collar. I've also been loving the 90s feel hence this mad half pony tail thats lying on my face, but it keeps my hair away which is a plus on a hot day. Lastly I got a dress in there for £5, how cray cray also its tweed so sturdy material too.
I think blue looks good on blonde hair, I never wear pink as I literally look 5 years old and a barbie in one... so a 6 year old slut basically. Not a great look. Also for some reason this weather is making me listen to Nelly (Plaster era) why???
See you soon buddies :)


  1. In love with this skirt!
    S xx

    1. Hey girl!

      Thank you so am I especially in this weather, its a God send.


  2. Amazing! That skirt is gorgeous!

    1. Hey Kacie,

      Thank you sooooooo much