Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I Finally Got a Pink Coat

Hey everyone!
I'm hoping this week so far has been full of festive fun?! First off I am so so so soooo sorry for my complete lack of posts recently. I am a disgrace. Its just this time of year is manic for me between courseworks and my part time job PLUS xmas shopping and getting my placement sorted my blog had to be put on hold. :(. 
However through all that craziness I finally got myself a placement, and its at the most perfect internship ever! A marketing intern at OU, literally my dream job. So I will be moving down to London town around mid January time, cannot contain my excitement!
Jacket: Primark £15
Shirt (worn underneath): Asos £35
Wrap blouse:  H&M £15.99
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Heels: Primark £12
Bag: River Island £15
Necklace: Topshop £16.50
Hows everyone doing with their Christmas shopping? I have done amazing so far, I have a grand total of...0. Typical Chloe every year the same, one of my biggest flaws is that I give the worst presents. So I'm in town all day Friday, I'm braving the mad crowds in the hope I get all my shopping down succesfully. Wishful thinking I know.
Now the main reason to blame for my lack of gifts buying is because I keep getting distracted and seeing things for myself! Such a curse. One lucky steal is this Primark coat which I LOVE and I've been hunting for a pink coat for ages and this was only £15. Boom. You wouldn't believe the compliments I've had because of this bad boy.
Any one know what to wear for newyear yet? I've no idea. Its the same every year, not a clue. I know one thing is certain this clutch is defo getting worn how amazing is it?! I love it to death, I've wanted a holographic one for ages but the colours on this are just perfect, never been a fan of the silver ones.
Oh gawd that really sad emotionally charity advert about Savethechildren just came on. KILLS ME EVERYTIME.
And with that happy note I'm off, see you all soon!


  1. Wow such a perfect coat, loving the whole look!

  2. Love this post ��