Wednesday, 22 January 2014

You Better Check Yo Checks

Hello everyone!
Okay so another late post, but I actually have a good excuse this time. I AM LIVING IN LONDON BABAY! So with all the travelling and finishing uni until 4th year I haven't really had time. But I did manage to squeeze in some cheeky photos for you all.
I am living with my buddy while I do my internship, so she will be taking over the photography which will be interesting... But if I can train the members of my family I can teach anyone!
So the photos will look a little bit different from now on, they won't have the same backdrop which will be a nice change I think. I am hoping to do my posts on a sunday as its my only day off and the day I get to reeeeeaaally explore London so I will get some ootd posts in.
So this post will just have to be a quick one tonight as its only mid week through my first week of placement and I am sleeeeeeeeeeeepy. You may notice from these photos that I am loving monochrome again, and checks. Just a tad.
White Jacket: Topshop £48
Black Jacket: Primark £20
Top: Topshop £35
Trousers: Next £28
Bag: River Island £35.99
Heels: Primark £12
Hat: H&M £13.99
Righteyo I am off to bed now. 20 past 9! I know crazy!
But guys you do not understand the pains it is to travel in BOTH rush hour times in the tube. The amount of times I have accidently, kissed, sat, punched and been absorbed into someones belly button is UNREAL.
Lots of loooooooooove
See you soon!

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  1. Never think to wear two jackets, looks lovely, and love the double prints xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare