Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hi everyone!

How are things since I've been missing which feels like 10u8356 years. Why there is a little 'u' in there I don't know but it highlights my distress. I miss blogging! I feel like it takes me away from uni and lets me do something more creative and also gives me an excuse to stop dressing like a homeless woman eating the scraps out of a Farmfoods bin... Moving on check this sweet ass suit out!

If you are devoid of all colour I recommend just plunging in with the biggest and brightest colour you can find. I feel like I have been in a bit of style neutral rut recently and with spring basically upon I decided to sack the neutrals and go all pink and red on the world. 

Now I know, I know pink AND red, Chloe are you fo reals? Hey why not suuuuuure I will probably regret it by next week but for now this Dr Love get up I am feeling

Blazer: ASOS £55
Trousers: ASOS £24
Shirt: Zara £40
Boots: Office £50
Bag: Michael Kors £250

Also if pink and red wasn't adventurous enough for me I decided to cheekily throw in a nice safe pattern like...leopard print hahaha! Go big or go home right, right?

So I may have went a little crazy on this outfit but I think it kinda works. Suits I have had an obsession over for years as you may have seen from the John Travolta esque one in a previous post. 

Sorry this one is so speedy, until next time!

See you! 

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