Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Home!

Hello everyone


So fourth year is officially over and I escaped the ruthless halls of university and actually made it out alive in pretty good nick, 2:1 ain't bad. With this, on the last day of university I quickly packed my stuff (all 3 cases of it) and moved to London as fast as I could. Which overall isn't too shabby. Once I'd survived Aberdeen and 4th year a well deserved trip travelling across east coast America was conquered, and boy was it ahmazing! A very tiring and jam packed 3 weeks but a completely unbelievable and unforgettable experience with 2 of the best people. I've taken waaaaaay to many pictures of America's beautiful scenery which I'm sure my Facebook friends are loving...

But I am back in London PERMANENTLY which is the weirdest feeling but the best one. It already feels like home therefore all I need now is my dream job. I'm still obsessed with the fashion industry even after studying it for 4 years however getting a job in London is not going to be easy but I am prepared to be patient and graft for that career... But to be honest I am the least patient person ever and I want it now!!! So if anyone knows anyone who needs some fashiony person for PR/Marketing give me a call. 

Right I am rambling away, main point it this jacket. Look. At. It. 

It deserves its own sentence/space. Its possibly the best thing I've ever bought, strangers always come up to me and ask if its vintage...I lie and say yes. Every time. Its actually from Missguided you can also get it in black too which is more sensible but yellow is my favourite colour so it was a no brainer for little me. 

Jacket: Missguided £34.99
Top: Zara £34.99
Trousers: Forever21 £19.99
Wedges: Primark £14
Bag: Primark £8
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £19.99
Choker: River Island £8.99

Since I have no uni excuse I'm pretty sure I can start posting some more outfit pics for you all, this one was taken today as the weather was on top form. Me and my boyfriend/photographer (gutted to be him), took a stroll around Chiswick park today, the grounds are stunning so figured it would be pretty convenient to start snapping away. Now all non blogger people out there need to appreciate the embarrassment of taking these pictures with 1000s of people/dogs/kids walking by. You are trying to act as natural as possible, not get hair in face and get all those 'one take, no filter' poses right with the strangest looks from passers by. I can't even blame them, I'd do the same. The struggle is real people. 

Btw, this Zara top is on sale now for £19.99 so GO FOR IT. I am away to go and watch Game of Thrones as I am obsessed/apply for every fashion job under the sun. Wish me luck!

See you soon



  1. This outfit is the one! Love the jacket and stripe combo, you look gorge! Good luck on the jon hunt xx

    1. Thanks girl!!! Amazing what Zara can give you when its on sale haha xx

  2. Congrats on graduating and good luck with the job search, I'm about to be in the same boat! Love this whole outfit, that jacket is totally incredible!

    1. Thanks Kacie!! I'm going to need all the luck in the world haha. Have fun graduating :)


  3. Hi Chloe! Do you have an email address you can be reached at? I want to send you an opportunity related to your blog. Thank you!

    1. Hi Christina!

      Yes I do its, Hear from you soon! :) x