Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fashion: MissPap Collaboration

Hello Everyone!


Hope you have all had the most fabulous of weekends and are enjoying the last of the summer weather. Calling it summer is so optimistic, I know. 

I have been so excited to get this post up as one of my go to brands Miss Pap offered to work with me and do a collab post to bring some trendy newness to my blog. This is a brand I have had my eye on for the past year as they offer amazing pieces at affordable prices, basically the dream. Their website is incredibly addictive and dangerous but I will strategically place it here. 

As everyone knows by now my colour palette has been of the minimal side so this gorgeous Carrie stone tailored sleeveless jacket was a must have for my wardrobe! It was only £19.99 and is one of those easy transitional pieces that you can wear with absolutely anything and go from summer, to autumn, to winter. I have been wearing this piece non stop as I basically love to layer it on its on or under jackets, it can just make a really simple casual outfit instantly smart. I love pieces that make you look like you've made an effort. If you would like to see this little beauty this link will take you directly there I'm sorry for any spending this may cause.

Sunglasses: Forever 21 £4.50
Sleeveless Jacket: MissPap £19.99
Lace Top: H&M £14.99
Mustard top: Forever 21 £16.99
Mustard Skirt: Forever 21 £22
Boots: Tesco £25
Rings: H&M 50p
Bag: MK £275

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Today was spent in the usual Sunday fashion, chilling and exploring the area I live in. This also calls for blog photos, much to my boyfriends horror. He is actually incredibly patient as I make him take the 100th photo of a zip on my bag, he just had skills I do not have. Having someone take a photo of you is so massively different than taking a selfie. Believe me. My photography game is not strong. However I wanted to change up my mainly colourless wardrobe and make a splash of colour with this mustard get up. 

The top and skirt are two separate pieces from forever 21 and the lace top underneath is from H&M. I am in loooove with mustard always have, always will so this little two piece was a no brainer. As in London the weather is getting cooler I can't get away with these alone which is why the sleeveless jacket acts as the perfect cover up. 

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Also side note I forgot to take the tags off as this is the story of my life...

The weather is still insanely gorgeous and I will most definitely be out getting the last rays while I still can avec Bens cookies and Made In Chelsea my two guilty pleasures! Also thanks so much to Tilly from TillyJayne for helping me out with my photo size, blogger does not make things easy and this girl SAVED MY LIFE. 

See you all soon!


  1. love your layering! Never heard of this brand but definitely going to have a little peek now. I love your photo locations, so jealous of the London life
    Sara x

    1. Hello! :)

      Thanks so much, I looooove london, I just needed a change of scenery. xx

  2. You beauty! Love the layering <3 xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love your sunnies, they suit you so well! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Hi Mia,

      Thanks so much! I do love a pair of sunglasses xx