Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fashion: Suede Everything

Hello everyone!


Todays post is going to have to be a quick little one an with fewer pictures as today...was NOT my day. Every angle was hating me and normally I can pretend to be tall in photos, alas today I was ever so dumpy. So apologies for the general scowl I have on my face. I really am a cheery soul! 

This jacket is LIFE, I picked it up from my Forever 21 splurge and I haven't regretted it once, until yesterday I didn't realise its real leather, weird for Forever 21, and almost took it out in the rain, A big no no for suede. Not the most practical outer wear choice for London weather...Either way I have never been the biggest lover for pink, or pastels but these two combined make this little baby and I love it. <3<3. However do bear in mind it is a boxy shape so it can have that over sized feel to those who don't like that kind of look.


Scarf: Boohoo £4
Top: H&M £19.99
Jacket: Forever21 £42
Culottes: Boohoo £12.99
Boots: MissPap £30
Rings: H&M 50p

Also I have a feeling these gorgeous boots are going to be my A/W staple this year! I just love the khaki colour and the fringing. These are from my fave new brand Miss Pap and are called the Freya Tassel cut out boots. I think a good pair of shoes makes such a difference to an outfit especially when they are not black in colour. You can find these particular boots here. 

You may have noticed every blogger and their mum wearing one of these neckties... So I then had to buy one too. I think its super cute and brings a bit of 70s flair into my suede fringe outfit. Mines is from the lovely Boohoo and was such a bargain at £4, boom. 

I am so excited for LFW and cannot wait to see everyone's outfits, I am unsure if I am going to attend this year due to work commitments but hopefully I can pop on down at some point. I love a people watch. I cannot wait to see the streetstyle. Right I'm off, until next time...

See you!

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  1. Love the jacket and shoes !