Monday, 7 December 2015

Fashion: All The Jackets Please

Hello Everyone! 

Another fashion post today and these are specifically making me feel worse. I have been struck down with the winter cold and its a b***h. Only yesterday I was perfectly healthy taking ootd photos and putting up festive decorations. Today, nearly fainting on the tube and going through tissues like they are air. My poor little nose. I am the worst ill person btw, all I do is moan and feel sorry for myself. I wish I could be that brave person that soldiers on, buuuuuut I ain't. Somebody hold me! 

Also I got an ASOS delivery with the most amazing boots in it but thats for another post.... For this post is mostly about my two new jazzy jackets. First up is this amazing camel wonder of dreams. Its a really cosy wrap jacket that feels like I have just walked out the house in my dressing gown but isn't too hot that I can't breathe. It also has that oversized feel that I do enjoy. Also I got it for such a bargain it was £65 but during Black Friday I managed to snap it up for £42 whoop! The grey jacket underneath I got on Saturday at  H&M outlet for £20, I know I have been so lucky this year and its a tweed esque biker. The kind of thing you would easily find ASOS Isabella wearing but only £60 more expensive. 

Camel coat: Dorothy Perkins £65 = £42
Grey Jacket: H&M £39.99 = £20
Polo neck: Zara £19.99
Trousers: Missguided £25
Shoes: Missguided £29.99
Bag: Topshop £22
Pom: Topshop £6

And no I haven't cut my hair I just really enjoy tucking it in when its gail force winds outside! I also am in love with downsizing at the moment. Not my clothes, I wish, besides I do love wearing a tent. But my bag, I got rid of my massive bag and have started only taking the 'essentials' out with me. So mostly makeup. This wee burgundy baby is beaut, its a mock croc effect and I attached the pom pom to stop me looking too sophisticated, I mean really who am I trying to kid? Some weird hipster dude beside a pub last week did scream at me that he liked my pom....It may have been the drink talking but I am still taking it. 

I am literally so unbelievably festive its scary, I've even dug out the old xmas candles, lights and mini tree, next stop GROTTO. For now though, I am about to dive head first into a bed of tissues. 

See you

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  1. Seriously skilled layering right there! Looking gorge as EVs xx