Saturday, 16 April 2016

Fashion: Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat

Hello everyone!

Imagine Joseph's technicolour dreamcoat, redesigned into a trouser top two piece and voila here I am. 

Basically on one of my trips home, me and the mother headed off to Tesco for our late night midnight junkfood stop and I noticed these snazzy (dad word) trousers. These badboys are from Tesco and are legit amazing! My friend this week picked up a Acne esque jacket from Sainsbury's, lucky thing, Supermarkets are stepping up their game kids. Topshop do a very similar pair if you are more into the splurge. However it is my dream to be able to pick up clothes, baked goods and a roast chicken all at the same time. Saturday night dreams. 

Having stalked blogger and confidence queen Freddie Harrel since 2013, I thought to myself, what would Freddie do... I had no faux fur so the clash was the next best thing, splash on some colour and boom. I will leave a link to her blog here.

So this week good old London decided to surprise us with 2 beautiful days of sunshine and some relative heat. With this I realised that my 15 pairs of sunglasses would not suffice and picked up these rose gold tinted shades from H&M, I love them! Well worth the Oxford Circus struggle. Also my photographer is well chuffed you can see him in the shades. He has reached ultimate 'cool' status. MySpace profile picture please. 

Sunglasses: H&M £7.99
Top: Missguided £22 Now on sale!
Trousers: Tesco £14.99
Heels: Missguided £34.99 
Hoops: Urban Outfitters £9.99

I am surprised at how easily I can wear this, it is a bit crazy but its nice to shake things up sometimes especially now with spring summer just round the corner. Well it better be just round the corner. 

I'm sorry my posts haven't been as regular recently these past few weeks have been crazy with friends, family and work being so hectic. However I have planned some posts in the pipeline so that I don't neglect you beautiful people again! 

Also as I am apologising please ignore the massive sticker on our door, gotta do what you gotta do. 

Thanks for reading guys! I am now away to bathe in fake tan as I am so aware of how pale I am.