Sunday, 3 April 2016

Fashion: Introducing My New Baby

Hello everyone!

Now, I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce to my blogging community the newest edition to my more than welcoming wardrobe. This beautiful suede biker from ASOS, new, soft, silky and hella cool. Its a really nice oversized look without it being drowning on my 5ft 1 self. I have been looking for a cream/camel suede jacket for ages and then I noticed this and threw it in my saved items list instantly. For weeks I kept revisiting my page to see if it was discounted, does anyone else do this??? Then one day ASOS had a flash sale of 20% off everything, dreams do come true kids. I also had a cheeky £40 voucher to spend so I picked up this bad boy for such a reasonable price. I have realised living in London makes you pretty precious about your pennies so you can't be throwing that coin away so easily. I love it so much and its the perfect colour to go with all my wardrobe, only problem with it being real suede is if the sky even has the slightest chance of being moist... I have to cancel on my poor baby. 

So sorry for being pretty much silent these past 2 weeks, I work full time during the week so weekends are my shooting days and last week I went home to visit my family and the weekend before I had my friends round. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be a bit more quiet so that I can chuck up some posts for you lovely lot! 

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
Jacket: ASOS £95 bought for £35
Top: Urban Outfitters £32
Culottes: New Look £11
Boots: ASOS £45

As you can see from the rest of the outfit black is still a firm favourite, I always feel lost in spring because I love dark colours so much and have been wearing them for months then suddenly all this pastel is thrown in your face. Plus I really do not suit pastel. I just look even more pale.

These striped culottes however have been like a second skin to me, another New Look sale bargain £11 and yet fit and look like a dream. I also feel slightly less like a nun as those risque ankles are on show, calm down Chloe. In case anyone is interested my lipstick is Bobbi Brown Nourishing lip lipstick in Coral Pop, gorgeous colour! 

These photos were taken on possibly the hottest day of this year a solid 16 degrees you go London! Shine through! It made the whole photo taking experience a lot more pleasant than what I am used too. Speaking of pleasant, I've just finished baking a cheesecake so I better check on that iced gem, have an amazing week guys! 

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


  1. Love your jacket! It fits you beautifully. Great outfit x

  2. This look is truly amazing, the jacket is perfect for you and looks like a dream for many outfits! Just a shame the weather isn't always good. <3