Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fashion: Weather Appropriate Suede

Hello everyone

Another week has passed being damn near freezing. In fact it is freezing, I'm currently watching some flakes fall from my window. Its not laying but its still snow. I'm so over winter dressing and I'm currently dying to bring back thin layering, and simple easy throw on dressing. The dream for lazy girls all round. 

Whats more is that winter always confuses my simple mind. It looks pretty mild out so I automatically think polo and jacket is all that is needed. Sorted. Nope. I have never been so cold in my life in this outfit. Doesn't help my ankles are so heavily on show (Saucy). Side note fish net socks are not socks. I have never missed my stripy woollen ones more. I remember really wanting/needing this Zara jacket for months before caving in and buying it. This was before everyone and their mum/gran started wearing it. My pet hate. I know I shouldn't but seeing more than 3 people on the same street as you in your jacket makes me want to strip it off right there and then. I want to at least pretend I am original, as I buy from one of the most common retailers internationally. 

I actually think I will get more use out of this piece later on in the year maybe around spring with a white slip dress! As right now I can't stop and won't stop looking like the super alluring Mr Michelin Man. How you doin.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitter £16 (Old)
Polo Neck: Zara £19.99
Jacket: Zara £59.99
Jeans: Topshop £42 now £20
Socks: Marks & Spencer £8
Shoes: ASOS £35
Bag: Whistles £120

I have also been super 'fashun' and not been able to stop wearing these shoes and fish net combo, I love it. However I have had the odd you a punk rocker comment. Which I don't mind. I only wish I could be cool enough to have been one of those. Glitter hair mascara was as punk as I got. Just make sure the temperature is above freezing when wearing them. Believe me your toes will thank me. I also snapped up these awkward length frayed jeans from the Topshop sale for £20. Which I am pretty please about. 1. Topshop jeans are not usually the one for me and 2. they were £42. I am still a little unsure of them and if they fit my 5ft 1 frame. But they do the job. 

Also apologies for not taking these sunglasses off. I have actually bought a new pair because no one wants to see these anymore. However I will always love them. Love you always and forever babes...

Hope you are enjoying the new blog design guys! I thought I wanted to get back into blogging but only if my platform changed. Let me know if you want anything rejigged as that would be super helpful! 

Hope you all have the best week ahead and all the love. xx


  1. Loving this outfit! You look amazing!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Oh you're SUCH a babe! Looking good in this jacket and I adore the sunnies.

    Love, Kerstin