Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beauty: My Bobbi Brown Core Essentials

Hi everyone, 

So life has been pretty manic recently, but for all the good reasons. Last week I got to spend some time at the very exclusive and beautifully picturesque Soho Farmhouse. If you ever get the chance to visit please make sure you jump at the chance. With its isolation and stripped back nature I thought to myself which core products could I not live without if I wanted to get rid of all the excess and live a stylish life of minimalism. 

Now this was obviously a tough decision for a beauty horder like myself but I pulled through in the most heroic of fashions and whittled (do people still use this word?!) it down to these basic essentials. Essentials meaning makeup pieces that I would cry without, and I mean cry. Drama Queen, who dis? 

First off everyone needs a clear plastic makeup bag for two easy reasons 1. Things can get pretty messy in there and with one makeup wipe your looking goooood, 2. If you are impatient like myself you can easily find anything you want straight away. You know in case you desperately need that eyeliner asap. 

1. Face Base: 

Now there is no point in spending all this time perfecting the 'look' if it isn't going to last longer than 3 hours so you need a primer and a good one at that. Durability and longevity are key. It helps that this particular one smells like citrus cheesecake, delish. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Face Base is guaranteed to prepare your skin so that anything you place on top of it will go on with ease and look perfect. 

2. Mascara: 

Your typical desert island must have. Mascara can change everything depending on the look you are going for. Fortunately this one is exactly what I need. It produces the thickest and blackest lashes and fast without it looking clumpy. Only however if you put it on correctly, please, please, please do not wiggle this wand. This has honestly altered my need for false lashes. Now theres a big statement.  

3. Eyeliner:

Gel, gel and more gel. I have tried almost all formulas of eyeliner, Benefits They're real has to be one of the worst (sorrynotsorry). My saviour up until now was the Tom Ford liquid liner which is still very good but not versatile enough. This Bobbi Brown Gel liner however is a genius multi product. This will let you not only create different types of eyeliner looks but it will also give you a killer smokey eye AND eye shadow base. Thank you makeup Gods. Hint: Please make sure you use a good brush, something with a fine firm tip. 

4. Shimmer Brick: 

Most likely Bobbi Browns most iconic product and with good reason. This little beauty will double up as a highlighter and a palette of eyeshadows. All pigmented and all beautiful. This highlighter is not for the beauty crew who love that blinding shine, its more for the lit from within glow. I use mine basically all over my face except my T Zone. Really I do. Its especially pretty on legs and arms! My two favourites are Rose Quartz and Beige. 

5. Illuminating Balm: 

Okay now I can finally get to my beautiful beloved. The illuminating balm. I never ever set my face because I am crazy and the shinier the better. Most people I know use this moisturising balm before the makeup but I watched Amy Conway our Pro Artist pump a little bit of this into her fingers and pat it over her cheeks and the GLOW was incred. I like to use this mid day when my face is beginning to look cracked and dry. Then my hero comes along, illuminating balm please don't leave me. 

Hope this helps anyone who wants to try a few pieces from Bobbi!

See you next time.

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