Thursday, 5 September 2013


Hello everyone!
literally scrabbling to put this post up before I leave to work, which is my new life now. All I am doing is working at the moment and to whoever works in retail with me also will understand my pain. Nothing more soul destroying than spending half an hour tidying a sale rale to leave for 5 minutes as the fitting room rail is HUGE, to return to what can only be described as mass destruction.
I finish at 8.30 tonight, I know puke, so have made a plan to head to a new Italian in Union Square with my buddy to help me survive this shift. Actually cannot wait I love Italian food. So this outfit was an amusing one, I take all my photos in my back garden so I can hide from the world and good job too as this shirt, cough, dress was just a tad too short. However having the neighbours that I do they 'suddenly' have a desparate urge to do washing, gardening, laps, sunbathe (even if raining). Its highly embrassing, especially as it was windy that day and oh they got more than they bargained for.
I'm mostly likely going to be a nudist when I'm 70 so I might as well start now anyways. Right moving from this weird rant, I am absolutely digging monochrome it is the easiest thing to wear and can adapt to all occasion casual or if you need to go out and you always look smart. I do love my colour as you probably know but sometimes you just want to look good without trying too hard.  This blazer is one of my favourites because its very cleverly tailored so I look slim, oh yeaaaah. I got it as part of my 21st and its MINE FOREVER. This shirt is great too, thankfully I'm only 5ft and Imma say 1.  So I can technically get off with it, but I will most likely get arrested, worth it.
Blazer: Topshop £55
Shirt: Missguided £19.99
Shirt, underneath: Topshop £32
Shoes: Zara £65
Bag: Zara £39.99
Sunglasses: Next £16
I need another placement so badly so I have been applying like CRAZY! I love working...just not in retail 5 years is enough for me. I have also been doing a few free lance styling in Aberdeen recently so as soon as I get the shots I'll post them on here for you :).
Hope you have a great week guys.
See yous


  1. Amazing, I'm in love with that bag!

  2. LOVE your shirt and shoes! Great outfit!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous
    Loving the heels
    S xx

  4. Very nice outfit indeed! Love your dotted blouse!

  5. There's nothing about this look that I don't love! You look gorgeous