Monday, 23 September 2013

LFW Adventures!!

Hello everyone!

Sorry again for the lack of posts, I'm just one of those people that cannot multitask to save their lives. Basically when I'm busy trying to be cool and hold back the riot that is me blogging is just not on the radar! However better late than never, myself and a friend of mine were lucky enough to head down to LANDAN to check out LFW. This was a first for me and excited was an understatement. Due to me only taking a small case packing outfits was a struggle to say the least so my outfits weren't exactly wow but boy did others not take their A game. I was completely overwhelmed by the street styling that was shown, I swear us British lot know our style. So once we were there we registered our passes and checked out the Ready to Wear exhibitions, designer look books and got to speak to the staff behind the big names. Honestly I felt so lucky. Plus I took a few cheeky snaps of all the amazing scenes around me. So instead of me blabbing on I'll just leave you guys with some pics :). Oh if you're thinking of heading down BRING FOOD, I literally had no time to eat and hot chocolate was my saviour haha. Plus bring a big jacket even if it means wearing 700000x layers on the flight home, oopsies.
See you all soon


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