Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Stressed But Well Dressed

Hello everyone!

So the only think I can really say is...I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Sorry for my massive absence this entire year but I genuinely could not work full time being an intern and blog, I salute the women that do both.

I don't know what it is this year but blogging has turned SERIOUSLY professional, like the blogs I am following at the moment mean serious business. I got to be honest, I love it! My favorites have to be WhatOliviaDid, WishWishWish, Llymlrs, PagesByMegan and FashionInflux, serious style and creativity points right there girls. I cannot wait to see the results from the Company Blogger of the year, should be interesting. Any excuse for me to find some new talent too, nothing better than discovering a new blog.

So with all this blogging inspiration going around its really made me want to kick start my own again and refresh my style a little. Swedish bloggers have taken over the fashion scene in a BIG way so for this little outfit of the day I tried to take some style points from there minimalistic and chic approach to fashion. Although I did feel I may have went a tad too far and might ever so slightly look like a member of the Italian mafia, but mum said I looked 'Profesh', which says it all really. 

Blazer: Forever 21 £18.75 (I think)
Shirt: Mango £34.99
Trousers: Mothers...
Heels: Zara £45.99
Clutch: Zara £19.99
Sunglasses: Camden £6.75

I got this cheeky little blazer in Forever 21 when I was staying in London and absolutely looooooooooved it, I was really tempted to get the pastel pink in this but resisted the temptation and went for the blue instead as I always feel pink with my blonde hair can sometimes make me look younger than I already am. Which is around 12. This way I am still dipping into the pastel trend without going too overboard. 

I still can't decide if I look like an air hostess though...

These trousers believe it or not are an old relic of my mothers, ( 2 mentions on the blog today mum, you're doing good),  they are a bit hit or miss as they are boot cut but anything high waisted and pale to me is a WIN WIN, plus the material on these are gorgeous. 

Lastly the shirt is from Mango and is literally the biggest wardrobe lifesaver ever, this goes with anything! Only drawback is that it creases insanely and I am faaaaaaaaar to lazy for an iron, cue hair straightening disaster. 

Hopefully this is me back into the swing of things now and have a great week guys :)


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