Sunday, 15 June 2014

Some Co-ordination Please

Hi everyone

Hopefully you have all had an awesome weekend, remember how I was saying how amazing the weather has been. I stand corrected this week/weekend has been the worst ever non stop rain and clouds. Eurgh. Thankfully I have been babysitting a certain little puppy all weekend and as much as I love her MY GAWD is a puppy not hard work, you literally have to keep a watch 24/7.

London is only 5 more days to go yay, my plan is to take some blog photos when I am down there in between my internship so this blog keeps on going. It is also very very very hot which is precisely what I need after this wet summer. These photos were taken around a week ago when it was sunny and it was the perfect weather to sport this floral number. The first thing I noticed about this co-ord set is the colour. Not normally the first colour I would go for but it looks so goooooooooood with my skin tone and with the print itself. ALSO its from Newlook, say whaaaaat? Honestly not the first shop I go for but this season its hit the nail on the head so go check it out. 

Jacket: Urban Outfitters £80
Top: NewLook £18
Shirt: Topshop £35
Shorts: £18
Sunglasses: Primark £2
Heels: Primark £12
Clutch: Zara £19.99

Co-ords are great as they have the ease of dresses but with the comfort of wearing shorts. Win win. Sorry this post has had to be pretty quick but its father's day and the wee pup is literally nibbling at my laptop charger. BYE!



  1. I have these shorts and absolutely love them. They look amazing paired with mint too x

  2. Love this look. Love your style. Love you!