Monday, 7 July 2014

Festival Inspiration

Hello everyone!

Sorry again for almost a whole months absence but right now I am in the beautiful city of London. My future play town. I have literally just finished a fashion PR internship down here so blogging has been slightly halted. Boo. However I have been taking outfit snaps here and there when there has been a good back ground much to my photographers dismay. My bad. But if you want to see them now you can always head over to Instagram which is chloejade_28 if you waaaanna. 

The weather down here has been absolutely stunning and its almost been like a little summer holiday, great for weekends, not so much during the week when you are heading to an office. It was so sunny yesterday it justified a water fight I felt more like a kid than usual. With all this fine weather it geniunely has made me regret not buying into the whole festival phase that summer is ALLLLL about I really regret not going to one. Next year is a must. So I decided to do a festival inspired OOTD instead, less muddy!

As you can see this Van Helsing hat is still a firm favourite and is perfect if the weather takes a funny turn and decides to have a little shower! I really love the boho vibe that the festival season brings out it makes everyones style that little bit more effortless and relaxed which I enjoy. I am obsessed with florals so anything from ditzy to big and clashing I am all over. But I always feel a bit too girly if I wear flowers only so with this I have tried to give it more of a gyspy vibe and chuck on a easy paisley kimono and a lace underskirt to give it a romantic yet lived in feel. 

Hat: Boohoo £12
Kimono: Primark £8
Slip dress: Red Herring £32
Lace dress (worn underneath): Miss Selfridge £45
Sandals: Primark £6
Necklace: Topshop £13
Belt: Primark £5
Bag: Primark £8

This is such a comfortable outfit especially the ugly shoes however I feel these would be pretty useless in a muddy field. But if you were hungover and in need of something to throw on that wasn't a hoody then this outfit fits. 

You may have noticed I am loving Primark lately. Just can't help it. Its everyones guilty pleasure. Hope you guys all have a great week! 

See ya!



  1. I'm still completely obsessed with your style. I'd look plain ridiculous in this (jeans and t-shirt gal at heart) but you genuinely look fantastic!! :)