Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Midi Move In

Hello everyone!

How are you guys? So since I last wrote to you all a few things have changed, sadly I am no longer a good old Londoner but have returned to the beautiful homeland of Aberdream. By returned I mean forced and Aberdream I mean Aberdoom. However the plus side is that I have now got a new part time job this time not in retail, how those discounts will be missed, but in cosmetics so hopefully photos from now on might look slightly better as I will finally know what I am doing with ma face.

So now I am working around 4 days a week it means I have more free time to fill up this blog with lovely posts for you guys yay. I have also got some new looks I would like to try out so look out for that! Right so this post was taken around a week back when I was trailing around west London and happened across my now favorite secret little park. Its seriously beautiful especially when the sun is out and the scenery is just gorgeous basically begging for some ootd photos. 

I am still absoultely in love with the summer midi length I think it is so flattering for every shape and for every style. You can grunge it up, make it boho or go really girlie. The look I've tried for here is pretty girlie but I try and add a harder edge to it with a boho leather fringe jacket and some cat eye sunglasses. Is anyone else's sunglasses collection getting out of control? I swear I buy a new pair every time I go out....

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £16
Top (playsuit): H&M £19.99
Skirt: Primark £10
Shoes: New Look £19.99
Jacket: River Island £55

Whats ultra bad about this is actually the 'top' with this outfit is a playsuit which I really like but I feel its more abroad appropriate or a really hot day appropriate as it is short and I mean short. Believe me I know all about short. So moving on to these shoesies, how cuuuuuuuuuuute! I have been looking for a day time heel for ages that I knew would go with everything and boom, there these bad boys were. Literally the perfect height and are super comfortable to walk in. 

I also wanted to give a quick mention to see if anyone follows girlinmeanswear? She is ahmazzzzzzzing so if you don't you definitely should be. My next post is inspired by her as I loved it so much.

Hope you like the look guys, see you soon!



  1. Such a fabulous skirt! Congrats on your new job :-) xx

    1. Hey Abbie!

      Thank you soon as I seen it I knew it had to be mines. xx

  2. I imagine visiting the bathroom is pretty tricky with a playsuit AND skirt? Haha love the look though :)

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

    1. Hi Christy

      You have no idea! Haha not an ideal situation. Thank you so much tho!


  3. Love this! That jacket is incredible and that skirt is beautiful!

    1. Hi Kacie!

      Thank you soooooo much you are too sweet! xx