Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Aztec and Florals? Why not.

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing ridiculously good. How amazing has the weather been, genuinely had about 4 whole days of pure sun. I even have the sun burn to prove it. Must remember just because I've faked tanned doesn't mean I'm actually tanned and I still burn like a crisp. 

This outfit was taken about a week ago in one of the only days it wasn't sunny but not to worry as the next post is a sunny one. So basically I have been obsessed with skorts ever since Zara took them out last summer and I now have a black and a white pair which is perfect for everything. Then I seen these little beauties. Now I am a lover for print so when I seen a monochrome pair in Aztec for around £20 I was all over it. They go with absolutely everything so are a wardrobe must and are perfect for going on holiday, heading out at night and I think these will even look good in A/W as they aren't overly Aztec. 

Monochrome has always been my favorite way of styling but I wanted to add a touch of colour and nothing says summer more than a classic Hawaiian shirt. Now this shirt is a little bit love/hate as it does kind of remind me of my dads classic Hawaiian ensembles he wears abroad but this has the most gorgeous colours and is made from 100% silk. So I can't help but attach it to my body forever. This one was from Warehouse and they have some seriously pretty pieces in this season, personally I think stores such as Oasis and Warehouse are seriously underrated from my age group as they feel its too pricey but it literally matches up to Topshop and you won't get the dreaded "someone else is wearing it situation". Which is. the. worst. ever. 

Hat: H&M kids £12.99
Jacket Mac: H&M £34.99
Jacket Underneath: Primark £18
Shirt: Warehouse £40
Skort: NewLook £19.99
Boots: Next £38
Clutch: Karen Millen £40

The hat I have featured on here before and is....a kids hat. I know. However when you have a pea for a head like me, hats are a nightmare to find and I love them. Also this clutch from Karen Millen is to die for. Literally this little number is the best. I love that its wipe clean to as I spill almost everything and this is the easiest to clean unlike my Zara one...

I am going away to Florida in October and I am soooooo excited to the point where its the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. So the main thing is obviously what I am going to pack so If anyone knows of any nice pieces or great websites let me know, thanks! 

Right I'm off to give the little puppy a walk and I'll take some outfit pics for you guys too, i'll even feature the little pup as she is adorable. Until next time!

See yous!


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  1. Gorgeous, that skirt is awesome and your styling of it is flawless!