Monday, 29 September 2014

Sorry I've Been Away..But I Got A New Hat!

Hello everyone!

Today was my first proper day back at uni. The first time going in as a 4th year...yaaaaaaaaaaaay. This alone means that all of you have had a better day than me. When they say its going to be scary and hardwork, they ain't lying. This is the most daunting thing ever, especially to a student that barely picks up a book. How I've got this far I will never know. 

Now this time of year is normally so exciting as everything changes fashion wise and all the new wintery items rush into the stores which normally I love but for some reason I'm just not loving it yet. Either because I am desparately clinging onto summer like a needy girlfriend or just can't justify spending £110 on a coat no matter how pretty it is, River Island. I need that coat tho. 

To compensate for lack of coat loving I seem to have ventured into the field of hats. Summer has seen big hat loving from me so I think it just haassssss to continue into winter too. Especially with this steal at £7 its 100% wool too from Primark. Always a winner when you know what you are needing. My relationship with colour atm has been pretty poor if I am honest. Black and white is just too easy to put together #sorryimnotsorry. 

Hat: Primark £7
Top: H&M £14.99
Trousers: Missguided £21.99
Shoes: Next £30
Jacket: Primark £18
Bag: Karen Millen £40 
Scarf: New Look £12

I go on holiday in 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have honestly never been more excited in. My. Life. So expect lots of annoying snaps on my social media, you have been warned. I am also getting overly excited about Christmas but I am concentrating so hard on trying to contain it so that I don't peak early, circa 2008. Bad year. 

This little fur scarf is honestly such a life saver I want it in all the colours ever possible. It just makes a jacket and you can throw it on a mac, a biker even another fur jacket. I loves it. Great transitional piece too. Also sorry for looking so moody in these pics, taking photos in the rain is never much fun. Have I ever said how much I love Aberdeen?!

Mucho loves! 

See yous,



  1. Gorgeous outfit x

  2. WOW! Totally in love with this look
    S xx

  3. This look is perfect! That hat is stunning on you and I love how you put this outfit together!

  4. Your outfit is so nice, I love anything monochrome! And I just bought this hat in brown aswell!