Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Look Whos Back, Back AGAIN

Hi everyone!

Yeah so fourth year... is basically hell concealed as a university, smart Aberdeen, smart. It will crush all hopes,dreams and ambitions. Actually I don't want to worry all the 3rd years out there your experience might be completely different. I think 4th year just isn't for me and if I could I would have left with my humble bachelor degree and faced the fashion world without the honors. Alas it is too late now and I cannot WAIT to, fingers crossed graduate and be free this summer :). 

Anyways as I haven't blogged in goodness knows how long! I am finding my blog layout a little bit meh so you may see some changes soon. Also my style of posting might change also just because I really want to start posting again but half the time 'proper' photography takes way too much time and right now I just don't have time to waste. This way more OOTD posts will be up more frequently just not in such high quality. I do love the proper photos though and will continue to do them when my photographer is available.

 So although we should be creeping out of winter we still have snow. This means that my style hasn't really evolved into SS15 yet at all instead I am still very much into classic dressing and LAY-ERS. This means that all my tones are very neutral based, my favorites being khaki, black, creams and stone. When you see women wear top to toe all in the same colour its just...TOO MUCH LOVE, I'm creepy like this btw I have literally the worst habit for people watching. There is nothing worse than seeing those outfit posts on Tumblr, trying to create it and looking like a parody of the photo, my life. So I think wearing all the same colour in slightly different shades helps you look less parody and more 'cool'. God, I try too hard. 

So these photos were taken really quick before I headed out to get coffee with a buddy of mines that I haven't seen since November...Told you I had no time! 

Jacket: H&M - old
Jumper: Primark £12
Skirt: ASOS £32
Necklace: H&M £6.99

These kind of jackets with the woolly lining have literally saved my soul in winter. I just need one that will trail on the ground, I hate that they are short I feel exposed. I always think they look really nice on guys as well, as the one bad thing is that they can make girls look bulky, maybe just me as I'm 5ft 1. That 1 COUNTS. 

Okay I'm heading off! Hopefully these photos aren't too different for you guys original ones will be returning soon.