Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Well Would You Look at That!

Hi everyone!

This has taken me a bit of a while to actually gain the courage to pop this on here but I recently made a Lookbook of 3 outfits from the ASOS petite range.

Its  mix of a poor random jogger, cat and PUPPY! Also its my first one so sorry if I look awkward or my pouting skills are not on 'fleek'. The footage you see is literally all the good cuts we could gather, the rest was just be gallivanting around good old Aberdeen. 

Outfit 1: Top: ASOS £38
Trousers: ASOS £24
Heels: Zara £35
Bag: Primark £8

Outfit 2: Top: Forever 21 £18.99
Skirt: ASOS £25
Shoes: Missguided £35
Jacket: H&M £35
Bag: Zara £29.99

Outfit 3: Dress: ASOS £38
Jacket: Primark £25
Hat: ASOS (Present)
Boots: Tesco £25
Bag: H&M £12.99
Necklace: H&M £4.99

Hope you guys enjoy!


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