Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beauty: New Brand First Impressions

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys have all had the most fabbiest of fabby weeks. This post is going to be a first impression on a makeup brand I have been dying to try. If you are a fan of the highlighted/sweaty/soaked in gold look then you may have heard of them. BECCA....

Becca Cosmetics is a beautiful brand, I first found them in Sephora but you can find them online here too and for UK people on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty. Thank sweet baby Jesus for these sites. I am seriously thinking about moving to America, their beauty range is just beyond. 

I bought these two things in the Florida Mall Sephora....oh how it feels like a decade since Florida, and the staff were super lovely! I was keen to try this brand out and explained to them that I have dry crocodile skin etc which led me to the first item.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal: 

First of all, wow. This cream is so soft, velvet, hydrating and does not cake up or ball up on the skin. It will not highlight any fine lines wrinkles or pores too! This is the first step to the ultimate highlight. Pop this on straight to freshly cleansed and moisurised skin and gently tap it into the high points of the face. Not, all over. I got waaaaaay to carried away and eager the first time and ended up looking like an oil slick... This stuff seriously works and is beaut. The shade I picked was Opal. 

Becca Highlighting powder in Moonstone:

At first I went in to search for the super famous champagne pop which is Jacqueline hill's collab with Becca, however being the pale casper that I am without tan, I opted for a highlighter that would compliment my pale and interesting look. I do love a tan but right now the effort of putting tan on is just too much. Too much.  So with this stuff I basically bathe in it. I highlight any area that would get sunshine if I stayed somewhere hot. AKA the nose tip and bridge, brow bone, cupids bow, cheeks and forehead! 

This powder is a gorgeous cross between gold, white frost and champagne literally so beaut. This is equally good if you want some intense highlight i.e. strobing and is perfect for layering over a cream highlighter like the one above.

Good little tip here, if you want to intensify the highlight spritz on some fix plus by MAC or my all time favourite Smashbox Primer water. That highlight will be POPPING. 

See yous in my next post!


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