Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fashion: All The Warm Tones Please

Hello everyone!


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So a little life update for you, I am completely in looooove with my new job, like actually obsessed. I even get excited on Sunday nights. I know. I know. But I do, even when I get home from work all I do is think about it. Which is good and bad as it means I never switch off. I do however feel incredibly lucky to be given such an opportunity to love what you do. I work with cosmetics now which has heavily influenced my blog hence all the makeup posts! Fashion will forever and always be my number one though, which is why HURRAH, today I finally shot some blog outfit photos. Which is a hell of a lot harder to do than a simple makeup photo. For one you have to actually go outside. Eww. 

I must admit having recently come back from Florida I am ridiculously underprepared for winter. I feel like I was at living it large at the beach one moment then rushed to the cold harsh rush hour tube life. Which means my clothing is stuck in sunny beach life also. At the moment these photos are a reflection of what I've been hiding in. Jumpers and trousers, not very original but not quite a onesie so I'm doing good. Pushing boundaries etc. I definitely need to stock up on some more winter gear as life without hats and scarfs is not ideal. 

Jacket: Primark £25
Blazer: Topshop £45
Jumper: ASOS £18
Trousers: Missguided £25
Trainers: ASOS £15
Bag: New Look £17
Rings: Multipack H&M £8

These silky bad boys are from ASOS and I absolutely fell for the colour and texture of the trousersjust need the suit jacket to match... I am a complete short ass though and these fit amazing so maybe one to watch for my taller sisters out there. Speaking of ASOS, these funky princess unicorn style trainers are from there too! Honestly haven't left my feet since first purchase. Some people love em, some hate em. 

Overall warm tones are life and I need more of them in my life, including a more practical winter coat, let me know if you have any good suggestions on where to buy one that isn't £10889675. 

Have a FABULOUS week guys! 



  1. Woahhhh this outfit!!! All those colours together look SO good babe <3 xx

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