Thursday, 28 January 2016

Beauty: Top 5 Best Masks - Budget/Blowout

Hi Everyone, 

This is going to be a super super quick one today. Sorry guys, there just isn't enough time in the day. Such an old person phrase...Who am I?

Anyways moving on. As you all know I am obsessed with skincare, I think it comes with the love of makeup and being forever on a mission to achieve the perfect base. Believe me I have tried. No makeup in the world will give you flawless effects unless you look after your skin. You only get one type, so you might as well look after it. 

My persona fave way of looking after skin is by using a weekly face mask pamper treatment. I've been obsessed since I was 11, It was 'the' cool activity to do at sleepovers. I used to get Sabrina the Teenage Witch magazines and try and make homemade ones...No amount of banana will ever help with this face. Anyone else love or even remember those mags? Now I like to think I have moved on from my awkward youth and can finally use some good stuff. Whether this is inexpensive or not. With masks I like to target 4 functions; Exfoliation, Detoxification, Nourishment and Moisturisation

1. Exfoliation- Lush 'Cup O Coffee'  £12

Obsessed has a new meaning for this. You get the biggest tub ever and it lasts! Its great for your body too. The scent is so addictive, even if you aren't the biggest coffee lover, you will love this. You apply it all over the face or body leave it for 10, 15 mins until it sets. Splash some warm water over and gently massage the coffee grains in. Once this is done wash off excess. 

Results: I have noticed less oil in my skin, less breakouts and always have the freshest glow afterwards. Such a great product for people with blemish and oil concerns. Genuine improvement with little purse guilt. 

1.1  Exfoliation - Bobbi Brown 'Radiance Boost' £33

Now this is for the person who does not want/need an aggressive form of exfoliation. Super gentle yet effective. The grains almost melt away dead skin which makes room for the orange oil extract to hydrate and soften the skin. A super luxurious experience. Same as before in terms of application, except you will not need to wash as much off, you skin practically drinks in the mask. Full of vitamin goodness. 

Results. Super healthy, dewy glow that lasts even with makeup on. My skin looks gorgeous before bed, and is prepared to soak up any serums or moisturizers I have next in my routine. The best scent I have ever experienced with a face mask. Holiday tropics! 

2. Detoxification - Bobbi Brown 'Detox' £33

This, this is a game changer. I was skeptical at first as the thought of stripping my already dry skin was literally my worst nightmare. However this is so so so satisfying, you put a generous cooling layer of this mask all over your face and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. Within this 10 minutes you can physically see the mask pulling out all the toxins in your skin, eww. Its a great indicator to tell you where your areas of concerns are....

Results: NO MORE OIL. Literally all that needs said. Miracle worker? Is that too much?

3. Nourishment - Primark £2

Ah the nostalgia, these little bad boys were the ones I used to use before I got my first part time job, thanks mum! I paid a little trip to check out this peel off kind and it sounded amazing, plus I had never tried the peel off ones before. I am hooked! You can almost feel the much needed vitamins being fed straight into the skin and the peeling off of the mask is the best for satisfaction. Super easy to remove and great for on the go. Dries in 5 mins! 

Results: Super soft skin, plumped and great for time poor beauty lovers on a budget. Plus they are so cheap you can buy one of every scent.

4. Moisturisation- Charlotte Tilbury  'Gift of Goddess Skin Clay Mask' £45

£45, ouch. Yes it is pricey but for a good reason. It uses spanish clay to prevent the harsh drying out process that most masks use. This is great for detox/exfoliating the skin but not so good if you intend on moisturising the skin. I apply this super generously as my skin is dry as. My skin begs for any kind of moisture and I literally end up craving this, especially after a  night out. I like to leave this on for 20 mins for extra pampering and my skin thanks me all week. 

Results: Baby soft skin, even skin tone, smaller pores and the perfect skin base for makeup. What more could you want? 

So there you have it. My top 5 masks, definately try some and let me know who you all get on. Heck post some pics! Also excuse the bare face throughout this post, feeling super exposed...

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to put on all 5 masks in one sitting, in one evening. Ouch.

See you in my next post! 



  1. I love Lush products, will have to try this face mask! Xx

    Shelby |

    1. Honestly please do, I wasn't completely sold on it, until I tried it! Love it now though :) xx

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