Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fashion: Chateau Dessert

Hi everyone,

So by now you may have realised I have a slight sweet tooth, slight. With this in mind I have been dying to try out Chateau Dessert a small chocolate shop in Chiswick, voted famous for its hot chocolates. Would be rude not too, cold weather and all. 

It did not disappoint. So delicious, loads of cream and marshmallows and the most sweet thick hot chocolate ever. I genuinely want to go back tomorrow. It even got Adams approval and he's one of those fussy eaters. Inside is beautiful too, plus it was surprisingly quiet so it feels like a little gem tucked away on the busy Chiswick high street. Those macaroons will be mine next....

Today was another gloomy day in London, so with that the outfit had to match...grey. Saying this grey is my obsession I even have it on my nails! I love it so much I tried to match my background to it, blogger life. I think my love for grey happened when I bought this woollen biker jacket for £20 from H&M just before Christmas. Its insane quality, super warm and keeps its shape which is so unusual for a jacket of £20. Its jackets like these I wish I bought it in all the colours. 

Jacket: H&M £20 
White top: Missguided £22
Grey Top: Missguided £14.99
Trousers: Topshop £32
Boots: Missguided £29.99
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters £14
Bag: Gift

Lets talk about these boots...Can I get a 'AMEN'. Like seriously I die. 

I haven't stopped wearing them, feeling so sassy with that buckle. Only down point is that these boots have no grip, like none I've already fallen about 4x. Smoooooth. I have way too much black boots, but when you find the perfect heeled ankle boots that aren't too high, have cute silver detailing AND are pointed. You just have to throw caution to the wind and throw your dollas in the air. 

Grey is basically my life, even as I type I am thinking about my saved items on my ASOS wish list...which are all grey

Hope you've enjoyed this post, have the best week ever and see you soon! 



  1. The most sweet thick hot chocolate ever? Even more so than the Caffè Nero Hot Chocolate Milano? Oh. My. Life. I'm sold. I'll need a trip to London town asap. ;)
    Also loving the jacket Chloe! ♡

    1. Girl, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will ever beat that. However I don't class it as hot chocolate more just molten choccy lava.... COME DOWN AND SEE ME! xxx <3

  2. You look amaze gal!

  3. Nice jacket :)
    Maria V.