Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fashion: Ever The Optimist

Hi everyone!

So first of all, yes I am wearing sunglasses...However I like to live optimistically and I do enjoy the occasional pair of sunglasses, or ten. I literally cannot wait for January to be over so things can start warming up around here. Frosty mornings are not my forte. 

I don't think right now there is anything super inspiring fashion wise which is why I cannot wait for fashion week to start! Our shops need a good re stock fo sho, saying that my bank is pretty pleased at my good behaviour. The one good thing however is the sales this year have been particularly good, these heels I managed to snatch were a steal at £8. Whoo hoo! Glittery goodness for only £8, oh boy. 

Jumper: M&S £35
Blazer:  Missguided £25
Jacket: Urban Outfitters £55
Trousers: Missguided £20
Scarf: Topman £18
Sunglasses: Primark £2.50
Heels: New Look £8

I have been trying to be pretty savvy with my style of recent or maybe its just a sign of growing older, but its growing to be more classic than 'trend'. My main inspo is ASOS stylist Isabella, she looks gorgeous at all times and only wears neutrals and classic cuts. Girls a babe. With this in mind I try and take inspiration from her which helps me pick key sale pieces that will last past trends. Grey, whites and blacks are always pretty reliable. This sleeveless blazer is my fave piece right now it goes with everything, is beautifully tailed and feel great quality for the £25 I paid. 

Now these trousers.LIFE. I have completely transitioned from a skirt/dress girl to a trouser girl, heck I might even be in jeans next week! If you are looking for a pair of comfortable smart trousers then definitely check Missguided out, particularly if you are short they fit me perfect and I'm 5,1. Another great and affordable one is Boohoo, they do amazing ones for us petite girls. 

 I think my next post will be on face masks as I am obsessed! Have the best weekend and see you in my next post :)



  1. Great look and I agree with the frosty mornings! January just needs to be over :)

    1. Yay its Feb now, no more being too cold and skint ahah! Thanks so much for your sweet comment xx

  2. Such a great look! I need to find an inspiration for style. I love neutrals too but I can never do head to toe neutrals. I love the scarf in this post.

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Hi Angela, just go for it, I bet you look better than you think ;). Thanks girl! <3 xx

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    1. Hey girl!! Thanks so much Lauren, loving your blog atm <3 xx

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    1. Thanks so much! Turned into such a lover of trousers :) xx