Saturday, 19 March 2016

Fashion: On Saturdays We Wear Black

Hi everyone!

Now these days are the best kind of days. I am a big advocate for 'big chills' there is nothing I like to do more than have a little stroll/explore, hit a nearby cafe and people watch. The life.  Luckily for me I tend to squeeze in some blog moments in these times. It was the most beautiful day, freezing but beautiful. It actually felt like spring may, may be around the corner. With this in mind I took the opportunity to break free of my massive winter coats and be reunited with my faux leather biker. This is one I got probably around a year ago now from Urban Outfitters and it has been a firm fave ever since. 

I am currently saving up for an All Saints one but don't expect that post for a while, more like next year as those jackets are expensive! I do feel like when I own one of those babies, I will have made it in life. 'look at me now mum!'. Until such an event its these high street ones for now, that actually are very very similar. As it was the most sun we have seen these year I decided to dress head to ankle in black, those leopard print boots couldn't be tamed. However I don't mind though, the sunglasses are my absolute favourite, I get so many compliments in them, which makes me feel 100! I always try and at least compliment one stranger a day with something I really mean as I know it will make them smile. I looooove it when it happens to me, makes my week! These sunglasses are actually from ASOS and are in the mens section which is why I cannot understand why they fit my pea head so perfectly, but they do. They are completely matte, black with tortoise pattern sides, thing of beauty. 

Jacket: Urban Outfitters £80
Top: Topshop £32
Trousers: New Look £19.99
Boots: Office (old) £65, but see their latest ranges here.
Sunglasses: ASOS (mens) £12
Earrings: ASOS £5

Also I have to point out that the green smoothie is mines, and the pink one is Adams, this is very important. Its probably the only time I am ever healthier than him! This little smoothie juice bar is a little gem, super quiet which is very unusual for London and the prices are reasonable unlike others... Joe and the Juice I am looking at you. After we people watched we headed into West Kensington to check out more locals ha, and found the perfect spot to do some tube blogging. Its normally super busy and I would be ridiculously awkward getting pictures taken there but there was no one around! Thank you lord! The lighting in these photos look so great here too, I hope you like them. 

I also attempted a 'man bun' I still don't think I can pull it off although every girl that wears them I love! Why are some girls so effortlessly cool? I try so hard. So hard. I'm probably the most uncool person I know. Speaking of cool I am heading to East London tomorrow so hopefully I can people watch some more cool chicks! I've said cool too much now. 

Have the most loveliest of weekends all!
See you!

Also quick little shoutout to all my new followers, thank you so much! 


  1. Love the outfit and your hair looks amazing!