Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blogger Favourites for Twenty Seventeen


As much as this pains me to say, I'm truly devastated that the time has come for me to put away my christmas dreams once more. Now is the time to focus on a brand new and very daunting fresh start of a year.... I refuse to dwell on the mistake that is 2016 so I choose to focus more on bringing back time for numbero one, moi. How very selfish of me. Basically as you may know I took a break from blogging last year as I found it really stressful juggling everything and everyone and I didn't want to push out content that would barely make it on Snapchat (I didn't mean it Snapchat I still love you). However this year I have chosen to take more time for myself and this includes starting up the blog again and saying the word 'no' more often. Scary thought to a 'Yes Man' like myself. Even as I type this I have had 3 of my housemates knock on my door. *housemates: don't read this (they wont). 

1. Love Cloth
2. I dress myself
3. We Are Twinset
4. Shot From The Street
5. Ropes of Holland
6. What Olivia Did
8. Little Magpie
9. Song of Style
10. The Little Plum
11. Sunbeams Jess
12. Brittany Bathgate

The secret to this unusual 'No' mentality is baby steps. The first baby step being to bring back my blog. I've really missed it and completely obsess over other blogs and wish I could go back to it. The inspiration that is out there is incredible thanks to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. However this does serve as a constant reminder that I haven't done a OOTD in some time, the horror. what will justify my purchases now?!?! With this being said, I have compiled a list of my top 10 *cough 12 bloggers that I always look to for inspiration and blog motivation. In other words, obsession.

Check them out, I've linked their blogs Above! I'm always looking for new people to stalk over so please by all means comment your suggestions below and...

Thanks for reading!

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