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Beauty: Bobbi Brown Remedies

Hello everyone!

Another week of January is down and yet the weather persists on getting colder and sharper. If like myself your skin just can't cope and is acting like a right diva then I may hold the key to happiness (bit of a bold claim, but you know). My trouble is that I never have one specific skin concern. I envy people that can just state 'combination' when you are asked the dreaded ' what skin type do you have?'. Firstly I hate that question, because quite frankly you need a good hour to hear the answer. My skin concerns change weekly. No joke, weekly. It completely depends on the week I've had. It pretty much reflects my mental state, eating habits, hormone cycle and daily schedule. The skin never lies.

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Hence why skincare and having the correct skin routine is crucial. I also advise changing your skin routine every 4 months just to ensure your skin gets a good shake up. Ever since I was younger I would stare at makeup looks and it was never the eyes or the lips I was looking at, it was all about the skin. I have always been completely obsessed with dewy, clear, bouncy looking skin and envy girls who can wear no foundation at all. Hence why this year I am taking my skincare oh so seriously so that I can really strip back on the face base. Freckles and all. I am so obsessed that I am even known for slapping on this balm oil stick directly to my face at my desk. The girls think I'm crazy but I love that glossy cheek look. 

With all that being said what you need is to take your skincare and prescribe the concern with a treatment personalised to you. Which is why I want to talk to you about the new kids on the block. Bobbi Brown's brand new Remedies, I am lucky enough to work on the brand and get to see all the behind the scenes action that go into products and I can tell you, this launch is one of a kind. Each bottle addresses different types of skin whether you are oily, tried, lacklustre or dry it caters to all. You only need around 3 drops to cover your entire face and neck either morning and night for it to take effect. Please please please pick up a sample of these and at least trial it for 2 weeks to give your skin the chance to drink up their goodness.

I have been having a dabble with both Moisture Solution and Reviver to maximise the strength and vitality of my skin then pushing the hydrating drink that the moisture solution provides. All these late nights, polluted cities and central heating are none to kind to the old face. 

I do however 100% recommend you go into store or speak to an online artist to get these tailored to your concerns. I do not want you to spend money and effort in something you don't need. Unless its a lipstick. You are always going to need another lipstick. For more information please head over here.

Hopefully you find this post useful now go enjoy healthy looking skin!


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