Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I Think I Need Colour In My Life

Hello everyone!
Hope you guys are doing gooooood? My blogs had a wee bit of a makeover thanks to a good buddy of mines, hes really good at all this technical stuff while I repel it. So THANKS BRO! My week has had its ups and downs the worst part being my purse and passport got stolen after a night out gutted is an understatement it also means I can't go out on halloween as its my only ID. They've ruined my life! I looooooove halloween.
I'm really struggling to get into uni this year which is pretty disapointing as I love my course, I think its the whole financial merchandising module thats putting me off. Numbers? Fashion? No. Just no. But either way I need to get my ass into gear and I have promised myself I need to be top student from now on....hopefully.
So while I was working at LFW, I picked up this white oversized cocoon coat. Its always so much more cold in London than I ever expect it to be. Plus I had seen so much amazing women in these manish coats that I needed one straight away. I am obsessed with coats this year I picked up another just yesterday as I couldn't resist. I have a problem. I want them all from cape, biker, duffle, boucle, leather, oversized even the massive lapel ones. Help.
It was freezng yesterday even though the sun is out so sorry for the lack of good pictures! Plus my face just wasn't having any of it.
Jacket: Topshop £58
Jumper: Primark £10
Shirt: Primark £12
Skort: Zara £35
Heels: M&S £37.99
Bag: Zara £22.99
Sunglasses: Next £16
Checks are in this season in a big way. So mnay cool colours are coming through with reds, navys and greens I went for the safe white but I am currently in the search for a navy and green checked suit so if you see one link me pretty please!
Right away to catch up on all the uni work I've missed.
See you all soon,


  1. Very cool outfit Chloe. I've got that skort and only ever ventured to wear it in the summer months.

    I'm now inspired to try it out in this weather. :)

  2. Love this whole outfit so much! The shirt is awesome!

  3. Love that blouse
    S xx