Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Hello everyone!
This week as just flown by hasn't it, you guys all keeping well? Some people have been tagging me in some of their outfits on Instagram which is super lovely I absolutely adore seeing what you guys are styling together, so keep em coming ladies!
I'm finally used to this chilly weather, mostly due to the fact I keep buying jackets, my mother is none to impressed. Oh wells. I'm addicted to buying coats as in this weather no one sees your outfit so you need to make it look good with a massive bright coat. Least thats how I try to justify it. Besides if your destined to be with a new bad boy coat who am I to say no... I really love the pink 60s style ones that are bobbing about but I'm terrifed I will look too Elle Woods with my blonde hair. I seen a red head in one yesterday and she looked GORGE!
Now that finally I am settled at uni, even turning up with pens and pencils now, cute little pencil case was purchased. I just luuuuurve stationary especially when you get them all in mini form. Supa cute. Okay I'm rambling I mean to say now that I'm settled I should be able to bang out regular posts for you guys :). I hate being such a lazy blogger. Oh, and sorry about the photos being so unclear, I intend on getting a new camera very soon!
Hat: H&M £6.99
Scarf: Primark £6
Coat: Primark £30
Top: Zara £25
Skirt: Missguided £9.99
Shoes: River Island £55
Bag: Zara £39.99
I have a new style crush on super babe blogger, Isabella Thordsen, her site is here. Please check it out plus her instagram is amazing its isabellath she has 100000000000000 of followers plus her style is out of this world cool. I'm trying to copy her hair atm, so laid back and low maintence looking, but mines is no where near a hot as hers. I'm sounding like a creep now aren't I haha.
So tartan is so bloody everywhere at the moment and being Scottish I couldn't exactly ignore it so this is my pledge to all my Scottish followers! However I couldnt just leave it at tartan I am and always will be a faux fur lover and this little collar piece is ah.maze.in.
I shall be posting at the very least once a week on the tuesday but I will try my ultimate hardest to start posting twice! Especially as I love wintery weather. HALLOWEEN IS SUPER SOON TOO! Cannot wait to see everyones outfits. Right back to the daily grind. Love yous and leave yas.
See you all soon.

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  1. That's one gorgeous skirt...might have to nab it myself! Great photos :)