Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hello everyone!
How are you guys all doing this week? Hopefully its been a good one, I don't know if its just me but how come winter has just suddenly appeared? We have had the best summer this year and now my body is used to glorious warmth, I. AM. NOT. PREPARED. FOR. THIS. Normally its cold all year round in Scotland reaching a high of maybe 18 degrees so winter never feels this severe. Oh my days this chill that has crept in has hit me hard. Before I go anywhere I make sure I have at least 4 layers on, not including scarves and hats that are obviously a necessity. Its only October but I'm dressing like its January and we live in Alaska. However some individuals feel the need to wear t-shirts and bare legs still, even seen someone hold on to the idea of sunglasses today. Are they fearless? Optimistic or maybe just a little crazy...?
This weather change has brought about a mass wardrobe change so goodbye neon you were good to me while you lasted. So now I'm thinking I need new stuff so look out for some new pieces that I've been bad with buying lately. Hehe. The main focus with this outfit today was leather and fur. Leather as no wind or cold is getting through that and fur because well....its so fluffy! This leather top is insane value for money it looks so chic and simple yet it was so cheap only £12 from Primark and it could easily pass for something out of Cos. I literally cannot wait to dress it up with skinny leather trousers or a pencil skirt and a massive statement necklace, but since its daytime I went for the trusty leather skirt.
Hat: Primark £12
Jacket: H&M £17.99
Skirt: Miss Selfridge £34.99
Shoes: Office £55
Bag: H&M £15
Top: Primark £12
Ring: Accessorise £8
The hat, or birds nest, was from Primark last year and has kept so well. It is slightly big for my pea head but its so warm I dont even care. I put a wee broach on it today just to give it a girlier feel. Now this fur jacket I love, I cant quite decide if its grey or lilac faux fur but it lterally goes with so much surprisingly which is great as I never have time to plan my outfits anymore.
Halloween is soooooooo soon and I have never been so disorganised, I have finally sent away for a new ID I just hope it comes in time. I've been procrastinating by watching so much halloween youtube tutorials and some of them are amazing but I've still no clue as to what to be yet. The best I've got so far is a teletubbie...Clearly I need more help. So give me some ideas buddies and let me know what you guys are going as.
See you soon.


  1. You look so snug and warm in this outfit. I love your coat and bag x

  2. Can't believe this top is primark
    Love it
    S xx