Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mourning My Freedom

Hello everyone!
 Hope this week for you all has been fab and you are all recovering well from freshers flu? Basically without a doubt I am devastated to be returning back to university. The past 3 months I have been freeeeeeeee to do whatever I want plus work more hours and chase the paper! So now I am back to deadlines, reports, late nights and early mornings with a part time wage. Boke.
Moving on before I sink into depression, from LFW I learned that black is still as cool as it ever was. If not more cool. So with a new love for the colour and my mourning of freedom this is what I've been wearing. Plus everyone tends to think you are a bit more of the 'Goth' type and randoms are less likely to ask bizzare questions. Aberdeen can be a lovely place 6% of the time the rest its weirdos coming up to you at bus stops asking if you would like to help feed their collection of parrots, yes I was once asked this. Naturally I said yes of course. Back on topic, black you can't really go wrong with, it always makes you look that slight bit more cool and if its good enough for Kanye and Kim its good enough for me.
 Hat: H&M £8.99
Top: Topshop £18
Skirt: Zara £34.99
Jumper: Primark £10
Belt: River Island £14.99
Jacket: River Island £55
Bag: Ebay £11
Shoes: Newlook £22
Sunglasses: Next £16
 This season it seems to be more texture focused rather than colours, which I am really digging as you can tell with my purchase of the fluffy jumper. Step into a shop and at least 30% of the garments will be fluffy Primark for example, wow overkill. I have also noticed a lot of PVC and leather which I love. It means you can go out in public looking like a complete freak which is amazing. However if you want just a taste of it head over to Zara their winter coats this season are. To. Die. For. All mixed with black lace, leather, PVC even seen a wee fur number.
Quick cringe confession the hat here is from the kids bit in H&M because I have a pea head but it is a dead ringer for the one on ASOS. So yes. I have a 6 year olds head. Great.
 Hope this week will be good to you guys!
See you soon


  1. Loving this belt of yours!
    S xx

  2. Completely in love with everything in this outfit...for me black will always be cool and nobody can tell me differently no matter what the season may be! Good luck with uni this year, I remember that back to uni feeling well and you'll soon get back into it :)


  3. Ohh pretty hat you have there!